Professional Headshots: A Calling Card for Actors

Actors headshots

Headshots for actors are exactly what business cards are for corporate professionals. It is the key to standing out in the casting process and gaining work opportunities. A professional headshot is most likely to open doors for aspiring actors and modelers who wish to make it big in the entertainment industry. Professional headshots help actors grab the casting director’s attention and get audition calls.

The basic purpose of any headshot is to promote a person and make them stand out in the crowd. Talking about the entertainment industry, casting directors are bombarded with thousands of modelling portfolio submissions for the role they are casting for. Well, quite obviously the CD will not have time to go through such elaborate portfolios before selecting candidates he/she wishes to see for an audition. That’s where the role of headshots comes into play.

Nowadays, the best way to get audition calls is to submit headshots rather than portfolios. Especially for roles in high demand, giving headshots is the best way to get noticed by potential employers i.e. casting directors and talent agencies. One can say that professional headshots are an effective marketing tool that helps actors and modelers to self-brand themselves.

Ideally, your headshot is your first audition and has the potential to make a long-lasting impression. Headshots for actors are often accompanied by a resume that aims to give a clear idea about your personality, features, personality, and past work experiences. This info is used by talent agencies and filmmakers to conclude whether or not you are perfect for the role that they hiring for.

So, if you are a model or aspiring actor willing to get more work opportunities, getting a professional headshot is the first step in self-branding and marketing. Here’s a little more on professional headshots before you finally decide to get one.


Headshots: What is it?

Unlike a modeling portfolio, headshots are tightly cropped pictures of a person that focuses mainly on the face and prominent facial features. Typically, a professional headshot is taken from the shoulders upwards and the format remains 8×10 inches. These pictures feature an actor’s face and shoulder; however, lately, pictures taken from the waist up to the head are also termed headshots as they are believed to show a better view of personality.

The size and format of headshots for actors differ depending on the type of roles and auditions they are appearing for. Hence, when getting a professional headshot, make sure to get clicked in multiple sizes. Sticking to the industry standard of 8×10 is the best suggested. However, it’s best to have the 3×5 size as well to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity that comes along.


The Dos & Don’ts of Headshots for actors

Headshots are best only when clicked by professionals. Regardless of how experienced and a skilled photographer you are, chances are that you will not be able to click pictures that qualify as professional headshots.

Especially when it comes to the entertainment industry which is all about lights, cameras, and action, one cannot go wrong with their calling card i.e. a headshot. Casting directors and talent agencies are very particular about the modelling portfolio, social media presence, and the personality of an individual before offering roles. So, it’s best to not risk your first impression and ensure that you are clicked in the best way that highlights all your prominent features.

Getting a professional headshot clicked for the first time can be intimidating. Hence, to make sure that you have the best pictures clicked, hiring a professional photographer is the best option. If you still feel nervous, here are some obvious tips that will help you make it through the photo session confidently.


The DOs:

  • Needless to say, hiring a professional headshot photographer is the first thing that will make you comfortable and confident. So, make sure that you hire an experienced photographer who knows the tricks and tips to click you in the best light and pose.
  • A little makeup will do no harm. But, no makeup will certainly make you look tired and less polished. Hence, always apply minimal makeup even if you plan to go for a no-makeup look.
  • Bright and vibrant colors are ideal in headshots for actors. Donning flattering and bright colors will make your features and complexion prominent in the picture.
  • Plan your outfit based on the roles and entertainment genre you plan to pursue.
  • Format your headshots as per industry standards to ensure a professional and positive impact on the viewers.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t use selfies or old pictures as a headshot.
  • Both no makeup and too much makeup can be negative for your shoot. Don’t overdo makeup as it can make your face unrecognizable.
  • Refrain from dressing or posing for roles that you don’t want to be approached for.

Don’t hide all your freckles and laugh lines as doing so will make the pictures appear unreal and heavily edited.