Special Occasions to give Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers

Do you love flowers? And if you are in love too, then giving flowers to your partner should be on your daily to-do list. Bringing your partner flowers is an age-old romantic gesture that still is always appreciated. With a bunch of fresh-cut flowers, you can make your partner super happy and bring a smile to their face. 

Here is a quick list of the best flowers in las vegas


No matter if it’s your first or 5th anniversary, it is always a landmark moment when you are in a relationship with someone to complete years of companionship. Being together is not really about time and how long you have been together, but what matters is the love and challenges these years depict. While love plays a key role when you are in a relationship, what also matters is the efforts made. Love is all that you make the other person feels you could have creative and personal ways to do that, but presenting flowers is a classic. Anniversaries remind you of the bittersweet moments you have had, and how time flies while you are in love. Present a lovely bouquet to your partner as a symbol of your ever-blooming love, roses are a traditional choice when it comes to romantic flower arrangements, so you can go with red and white roses along with some filler greens. 


A fun-filled day that most people look forward to. And more so if it’s your partner’s birthday, you will definitely want to make it special and memorable. Apart from birthday parties, gifts, and being with friends and family what also makes a difference in your own touch is to make it so much more personal and all about them. This Birthday makes sure to spend some time together appreciating their beauty and feeling blessed yourself. Present your partner with an early birthday surprise all you need is a bouquet of their favorite flowers. With desert rose florist get your flower birthday surprise in time, coming to the flower you should pick. Apart from their favorites, you can go with bright sunflowers, they are pretty huge and look brilliant.

Valentine’s Day

While talking about flowers and romance, we cannot leave out Valentine’s day. This 14th of February Las Vegas florists will be waiting for you to get the best flowers in the city for your beloved. Valentine’s day is one of a kind holiday, it’s all about love, joy and being together. From young kids to adults everyone celebrates in their own unique ways. But to keep it classy you would need a pretty-looking and heartwarming flower arrangement. What flowers to pick? Well, Roses are perfect when it comes to flowers for valentine’s day, you can get them a bunch of red roses or you can also go with pink and white roses to keep it lowkey. If it’s for a friend or you asking someone out on the first date a bouquet of yellow roses along with lavender stock would look gorgeous. 

Just Like that

On days when your partner needs motivation, attention, and care, flowers could always be a good boost. Scientifically, flowers are known to boost your mood and their scent can have calming effects. So on days when you want to express your love, say ‘I love you’ with a bouquet of lilies you can go with stargazer lilies which have a purple and white color. To say ‘I am here for you’ get them a bouquet of fresh yellow and white daisies, a cheerful flower bunch to remind them of you. Say ‘I care for you’ with a gorgeous bunch of pastel Hydrangeas. 

Romantic Date

 It’s always amazing to spend time together, apart from the regular ‘hanging out’ together and plans a romantic date for your partner. Just simple things they love, coffee from their favorite cafe, fresh flowers, and food. If you are planning an evening date you can go with Purple Tulips or Orchids, in day time you can go with pastels and bright flowers like aster, carnations, and delphinium. 

Create a special bouquet for your loved one with these flowers, and present to them with love and a special note. Getting flowers is super easy just order online and get it delivered.