Can I Access OST emails if my Microsoft server is offline?

If you are looking for the process to access OST emails if my Microsoft server is offline. If so then you keep reading this tutorial to know the valuable process by using OST to PST Converter.

Microsoft Outlook is the most famous and widely used email application for business and individual users. It allows for communicating for business and personal requirements.  It allows for sending and receiving emails for communication to others. It stores its Outlook mailbox data in an OST and Outlook PST file format.

OST is an offline storage table and it features the same as their name as it allows access to their mailbox data when you are not connected with the interface. It synchronizes automatically when you configure an IMAP account with Outlook. OST files contain duplicate copies of mailbox items in a local computer.

If you know about the Microsoft stand, then you already know that you can’t open or import an OST file. But you can transfer into Outlook default PST format to easily import via Outlook native import/export features.

Reason to Open OST Emails if my Microsoft Server is Offline

  1. When a user gets an OST file from their client and wants to open their own Outlook account.
  2. Sometimes, users want to access their backup OST file.
  3. If you want to access OST mailbox items at different Outlook accounts.

How to Access OST Emails if my Microsoft Server is Offline Manually?

If you are the owner of the Outlook account or can access Outlook profile that connected with OST file then you can proceed manually as we have mentioned below:

  • First, run Outlook and then click on the file option.
  • Now, choose open and export and next hit on import/export.
  • Hit on Export to a file and click the next button to proceed.
  • Select Outlook PST file in the multiple option of import/export dialogue box.
  • Browse mailbox data as you wish to export.
  • Finally, provide a destination for output and press finish to complete the process.

Limitations of Manual Approach

  1. It will consume lots of time and valuable energy to perform manually.
  2. You can’t restore and convert damaged, corrupted and overly large size OST files.
  3. User must have aware with the feature of Outlook to handle this approach,

How to Open OST Emails if my Microsoft Server is Offline Via Expert Recommended Approach?

If you have an OST file and an Outlook subscription ends or can’t open the OST file. Then, you can opt our expert recommended Corbett OST Converter is the best practice and also offer completely secured output without compromising with your mailbox data.

  • Download expert recommended software and open it on your computer.
  • Select and add OST file into the application interface.
  • Now, choose the Outlook PST file in the list of export types.
  • At last, set destination and press finish to get output instantly.

Benefits of Using Expert Recommended Approach

  1. Its preserved mailbox data hierarchy remains  secured as before the conversion. Also, PST File Converter offers strong data security to prevent any effect with the original file.
  2. This software is very simple to handle by all types of professional and individual users.
  3. You can also restore and  convert inaccessible, damaged, corrupted and OST reached maximum size.
  4. With this application, you can also take benefits of filters to convert selective data as per needed and also helpful to avoid unnecessary data.
  5. This application can also be used to restore OST file.

Let’s Wrap Up

In this post, we have explained all the possible techniques to access OST email if my Microsoft server is offline by manually and expert recommended approach. You can opt as per their requirement. If you have a healthy OST file then you continue manually by using Outlook inbuilt import/export feature. Otherwise, we recommend you to opt for an automated solution to complete the process without taking any risk with mailbox data.


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