Why 24K Luxury Gold Serum Can Be a Nice Birthday Self-Gift


Imagine getting a 24K Luxury Gold Serum as a gift on your birthday! If you are a skincare junkie, this would mean the world to you. If you are not, it should still hold significance for you because a) It has 24 Carat Gold. b) The gesture is golden (quite literally) The person who gifted this to you wants you to take royal level care of you. How beautiful is that? And if you are still searching for that person who should be gifting you such a beautiful thing, then it’s time to give it to yourself. Doesn’t have to be a 24 luxury gold serum or the best serum for open pores in India – it can be good food, a DIY aesthetic, or a self-pampering session which could be a massage or a hair spa. Let us look at some interesting gestures that you can give yourself on your special day.

1 – Eat.

Eat child. Eat everything you abstain from. It’s your birthday – treat yourself to some yummy, extravagant dinner; something you don’t usually go for everyday. We all have favourite meals. We often celebrate big days with our favourite meals. Have the meal of your choice on your birthday and enjoy good food because good food gives a good mood.

2 – Adventure Calls
Go on a mini adventure with friends, family or all by yourself. You can go for a mini trek, or explore a waterfall or beach – some place you have not discovered before. It would be a memorable thing to do and also a braggable one.

3 – Pamper Yourself
You deserve it, Queens and Kings. Treat yourself to some red wine facial or 24K luxury gold serum. Sign up for extra golden radiance and feel elegant! You could also go to a spa, or a nice salon. Give yourself some time to relax and get a makeover. You could also do this at home. 

4 – A Movie Marathon
I love the Harry potter series and if given the choice, I’d lay in bed all day watching. Good thing about birthdays, you can actually do what you want. So have a Bollywood day, or a magical birthday!

5 – Get Creative:
Write, paint or sketch and bring out the artist in you. Plan a date like this with friends and store their paintings or letters with you! You don’t have to make something perfect, you just have to draw something that makes you feel perfectly happy and satisfied.

6 – Buy Yourself Something:
While this might be just a chocolate or a diamond ring, make your birthday memorable by gifting yourself something you’ve been eyeing for a while. You can gift yourself skincare products if skincare is something you are looking to start as a part of your birthday resolution. Try the best serum for open pores in India or 24K Luxury Gold Serum, or a gel mask! 

7 – Throw a Party:
Simple pleasures of life is to meet up with your friends and family and celebrate. Do just that. Invite everyone home, cut a cake, have good food and enjoy some music and dance to the beat. Just like the 2000s!

8 – Have a Theme Party:
You could set a theme for the day and do all the things just matching the vibe of that theme. Mean girls? Go out with friends to a mall, a café!

9 – Give Back:
Go to an old age home, an orphanage or just outside a temple. You will find many in need. Help them and give back to the world. 

10 – Reflect and Set Goals:
We probably do this every year on new years eve. But how about on your birthday, as you complete a year and start a new one? So set some goals for the year to come and reflect upon the one that has passed.

The most profound ideas out of the list above are giving yourself something and spending your birthday with the under-privileged. Giving yourself skincare like 24K Luxury Gold Serum or any gift really can be a beautiful thing to do. Sharing happiness with yourself and with those who are less fortunate are simple, yet meaningful pleasures of life. So try these and make your birthday a memorable one 🙂 



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