Is cheese paratha good for weight loss


Obesity is one of the crucial health issues in the present times. Men, women, and children of various ages are affected by obesity due to different trigger factors. Weight management has become one of the vital challenges for the contemporary global population. Most health-conscious people struggle to find the correct diet to maintain a balanced food chart and satisfy their taste buds.

Indian love for parathas

Parathas is one of the most famous Indian flatbreads adored by everybody in almost every meal. Parathas in India are one of the most versatile culinary items that can come with any stuffing variety. Some of the most common and popular paratha stuffings come from potatoes, onions, cauliflower, radishes, mixed vegetables, lentils, gram flour, etc. A popular paratha variant is the cheese paratha. People on their weight loss journey, often find it difficult to fight a craving for these cheese parathas. So now the question is, are these cheese parathas conducive to a weight loss program?

Cutting down calories

The central concern in a weight loss program is to count your calories daily. Ideally, people on their weight loss program wish to create a calorie deficit, where they try to intake less calorie volume than the calories they burn in a day. Hence, people on a weight loss journey are extremely watchful of every item they include in their daily dietary intake. Some items that people like to avoid in their weight loss programs are oily fried food, processed white flour or maida, and fatty food like cheese, butter, etc. The main idea is to control the carbohydrate intake for proper calorie management.

The ingredients

Now that we know the food items that are not favorable for a weight loss journey, we must consider the ingredients that go into making a cheese paratha. Food ingredients that go into the making of a cheese paratha will include flour, oil, and cheese. Needless to say, none of these items are ideal dietary intake for a person on a weight loss program. Generally, some top weight loss dieticians in Gurgaon will not identify cheese paratha as the best food item for a weight loss program.

Working on the intake

Although the discussion so far is not very encouraging for including cheese paratha in your weight loss dietary program, we can still manage to enjoy this culinary delicacy with some changes and adaptations in its ingredients. To begin with, choose your flour carefully for the dough. Instead of white processed flour or maida, you can always choose a healthy flour variety like millet flour, oats flour, gram flour, etc. Coming to the cheese stuffing, not all Cheese varieties are unhealthy and excessively fattening. You can always opt for cottage cheese or paneer to make the cheese paratha stuffing. Paneer is considered to be one of the richest sources of protein and is encouraged for a healthy weight-loss diet. You can always add some spinach or vegetables with your cheese to make it healthier and more filling. Millet and oats flour is rich in fiber content and can help to keep you full for a longer time. Naturally, these flour varieties are encouraged for a person on their weight management program. Finally, choose the cooking medium or the oil to make your parathas even healthier. You can always add some desi ghee to include some good facts in your dietary balance.

Time of intake

Apart from the ingredients which we use to make your parathas the time of intake is just as imperative. When on a weight loss journey try to eat most of your carbohydrate intake during the daytime. Even when you wish to include the delicacy into your diet, opt for it as an option in your breakfast or lunch. All the physical exercise you do after your breakfast or lunch will allow your body to consume the calories from the food and not accumulate extra calories and fat in your body. Do not consume the paratha during your dinner before your bedtime. Cheeze parathas during the daytime will provide all the nutrition and energy you require for your daily work. The parathas will keep you full and energetic without spiking your weight.


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