Why Our HOA Team?


Why our HOA Team? At AMS, we take great pride in our association management capabilities and strive to ensure your homeowners receive the highest level of service and value. Our HOA managers are knowledgeable about navigating homeownership challenges and eagerly anticipate seeing your community blossom. Our user-friendly scheduling system allows you to plan meetings around your schedule, while our handy mobile app keeps track of memberships, dues, and even parking tickets.

]At AMS, you’ll have access to a team of concierge and property services specialists who are eager to assist you on the front lines. What makes working with AMS unique is that our professionals truly care about your neighborhood as much as you do – they want to hear about your community’s story and guide you through it all. Our staff can’t wait to hear it all and show you around town!

Insurance – Communities often require insurance to safeguard property against losses and damages that could occur during construction, renovations, or general upkeep. Usually, this cost is passed along to residents through monthly association fees.

Architectural Control – The Board can review and approve changes to homes within a community, such as fencing, adding on an addition, or altering roofing surfaces.

Solar Panels – Installing solar panels has become a contentious issue among HOAs in North Carolina. However, in June 2022 the state’s highest court ruled that an HOA cannot prevent homeowners from installing them on their property as long as it falls within the bounds of their covenants and doesn’t violate any other laws or regulations applicable to the community.