Who Is A Data Azure Engineer? Check The Certification Program


The increased international market competition and expansion of tech all over have given data inevitable importance. Companies in different sectors are boosting their data operation functionalities. Consequently, it has increased job opportunities too.

The guide will help everyone learn about the responsibilities, job roles, skills required, and online certification courses. People interested in becoming a Data Azure Engineer should do the mcsa certification, DP-200, DP-201, and DP-203 certification examinations.

It will help them build a prosperous career in the Data Azure Engineering field. According to speculations, data engineering will become the most demanding professionals.

DP-203 certification examinations

Who is a Data Azure Engineer?

A Data Azure Engineer is a qualified professional who merges, transforms, and incorporates data from multiple supervised sources into a framework to build analytics results. Certified Data Azure Engineers are responsible for forming the entire data flow structure and thinking about the requirements of a company’s business. They work with Azure Artificial Intelligence Services developed on Azure Cognitive Services Application Programming Interfaces to supply users with readymade models.

A Data Azure Engineer uses Azure Form Recognizer Service to extract data from multiple documents and create automatic outputs. The data engineers are responsible for mechanising metric calculations utilizing the Azure Metrics advisor and evolving the chatbots used for conversation utilizing the Azure Bot Service. Numerous other Azure services aid data engineers in developing their abilities.

Why do Companies Hire Data Azure Engineers?

Data has become an integral part of the system. Initially, people concentrated more on insights instead of concentrating on data. Everyone realized that data management is significant. Data engineers have become significant in the technology industry. Companies employ data engineers to transform unstructured data into structured data so that data scientists and data analysts can use data. Data engineers are responsible for data structuring, mining, and modelling, included in the data science curriculum.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that offers multiple services. The platform offers multiple certifications for learning certain Azure skills. Several companies trust and use Microsoft Azure. Many companies are incorporating their data services into Azure Cloud. Companies need Azure Data Engineers to keep data and other functionalities under check.

Basic Skills for Data Azure Engineers

The number of jobs in the Data Engineering field is increasing rapidly. People should know all the skills required to become an azure data engineer and do the mcsa certification. It will lead their path to becoming an Azure Data Engineer.

Here are certain skills required for becoming a proficient Azure Data Engineer. These are:

● Understanding the developing the data structure

● Knowledge of data systems and their impact on the professionals working in the data engineering field.

● Understand Structured Query Language and Big Data tools

● Knowledge of programming languages like Python, Scala, etc.

● Grasping the job role and responsibilities

Certification Needed for Becoming Data Azure Engineer

The mcsa certification is necessary for becoming a Data Azure Engineer. The certification is highly significant. It involves two different examinations for examining the abilities of Data Azure Engineers. The certification examinations are DP-200, DP-201, and DP-203.

DP-200 is termed Implementing Data Azure Solutions, and DP-201 is termed Designing Data Azure Solutions. Both examinations are apt for data engineers interested in data management designing, implementation, security, and monitoring.

The DP-203 is the Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Certification Examination. The certification examinations examine the learners’ abilities and how they can use Azure data services according to the requirements of a business.

Who Should Opt for the Certification Examination?

The DP-203 certification examination is for learners who work on Microsoft Azure as Data Engineers. To become a Data Azure Engineer and receive a certification from Microsoft, candidates should learn programming languages like Python, Structured Query Language, and Scala.


Data and Azure will trend in the Information Technology field for many years. Data Azure Engineers reduce the disparity between the two spheres to a high extent. Even though the certification course can aid learners in progressing and securing a job that requires experience, practising Azure projects will result in better opportunities, projects, and companies. Recruiters search for people having the proper knowledge and experience to display their abilities.