When the catalyst is in the vapor form


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In a traditional catalyst manufacturing process, the catalyst is manufactured by grinding the material into a fine powder. After the catalyst is ground, it is mixed with the liquid metal and compressed. The mixture is then heated to a high temperature to fuse together the particles.

As a result, a lot of energy and time are wasted. Catalysts can be recycled if they are not destroyed by the metal particles inside the catalyst.

Recycling involves Catalytic Recycling heating the catalyst at a high temperature to vaporize the metal particles inside it.

When the catalyst is in the vapor form, it is called an oxide. Oxides are very stable and are used for many industrial processes.

After this procedure is completed, the catalyst is cooled to room temperature. The metal particles inside the catalyst can easily disperse once the catalyst is cooled down. The particles of metal can move inside the pores of the catalyst and make the catalyst inactive.


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