What is Enterprise HR?


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Enterprise HR is an agency of one’s own. The Agency is the employee advocate and can be the SDO at scale. It empowers employees to do great work and makes sure that they have the tools, resources, and support needed to get there.

Enterprise HR is an Agency of one’s own.

It’s not a part of the company, and it’s not owned by employees. Instead, Enterprise HR provides services to both internal and external clients on behalf of their customers—and in return for those services. They receive a percentage of every transaction that occurs within their network (which can include both individuals and organizations).

With this model there are no limits on how much money you can make as an employee or how much money your employer makes from you directly. Instead, you’re able to focus solely on doing great work for yourself and your customers without having any impact on either party directly involved with your enterprise.

The Agency is the Employee Advocate.

Employee Advocacy is the most important role of an agency. Because it can make or break a company’s ability to hire, retain and promote its employees. However, employee advocacy is also one of the most overlooked roles in corporate America. It’s easy for us to focus on hiring or training new talent. But if that person doesn’t want or need what you’re offering them then no amount of money will change their mind!

Employee Advocates must understand how each employee thinks differently than others. When making decisions about work-life balance issues such as hours per week vs overtime pay. Flexibility options (i.e., telecommuting); benefits coverage (i.e., health insurance). They must know what motivates each individual so he/she feels comfortable telling them how much he/she needs from their employer at any given time through proper communication channels. Such as email inboxes rather than phone calls which are often ignored due to some type.

The Agency can be the SDO at scale.

It’s a human resource department that represents employees and advocates for them. But it doesn’t just do that: it can also be an employee advocate as well.

The Agency is not just there to help you navigate your way through HR bureaucracy and make sure everything gets done correctly. It does this by being an ally and partner with your team members. Instead of being something separate from them. This means that the Agency is able to work hand-in-hand with managers and supervisors on projects related to employee engagement or retention strategies, for example.

The Agency empowers employees.

Employees want to be empowered in their careers. They want to feel like they have impact and make a difference, but it’s not necessarily easy for them to find a company culture that supports their goals. The Agency empowers employees by giving them the training and support they need to accomplish what matters most. Then letting them go off into the world with confidence and purpose!

The Agency understands that scaling up an organization isn’t always easy. So we work hard at making sure our internal processes are scalable. So that you can grow from small teams into large ones without having any issues along the way (like having too many different types of roles). We also know how important cost efficiency is—after all, there are only so many ways one can say “you should do X because Y!”.

Employees want to be empowered to do great work.

If your employees want to be empowered to do great work, you are on the right track. Empowerment is a key ingredient for employee engagement. Which leads to higher productivity and satisfied customers. Self-service can help empower your employees by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their roles at work.

The agency can empower employees by providing self-service solutions that help them get things done faster than ever before possible. No more waiting on hold or calling customer support lines when there’s an issue with their system!

Agency at scale for the enterprise employee.

The term ‘Enterprise HR‘ refers to the role of an organization’s human resources department. It also refers to the employees within that department who are responsible for managing employee relations and providing employees with benefits, training, and other services.

Enterprise HR is often used interchangeably with ’employee relations’ or ‘human resources management.’

Agency at scale for the enterprise employee – Enterprise Human Resources (EH&R) provides one point of contact for all of your employees. No matter where they are located or what their needs might be.

EH&R can help you meet those needs by managing all aspects of their career success:

  • From recruiting new talent through onboarding into your organization
  • Through performance management
  • Up until retirement planning if needed!


All of these benefits can be experienced by your employees, too! If you want to learn more about how we can help your organization become an agency of one’s own.


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