10 Ways to Turn an Academic Research Paper More Exciting


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So, do you want to turn your academic research paper more exciting for you to write and engaging for the readers? Many students look for guidance when crafting their custom research papers to provide ground-breaking scientific insights to the global scientific community. This article will shed light on the top 10 ways to make your academic research paper exciting for your audience.

What Are The 10 Ways To Make Your Academic Research Paper Engaging For The Readers?

The end of each semester or academic year demands at least one research paper from the students. For most students, it means stress, so much work and sleepless nights. Writing an academic research paper is not as difficult as it might seem initially. The key to your success will be dividing the task into smaller, easy-to-do parts.

You can follow these 10 methods to improve your research paper:

  1. Choose The Best Title
  2. Write An Interesting Abstract
  3. Ensure That Your Research Is Novel
  4. Make Sure That Your Results Are Exciting
  5. Do Not Self-Plagiarise
  6. Use The Journal Template
  7. Stay Relevant To The Topic
  8. Follow The Custom Guidelines Of Your Institute
  9. Do Not Forget To Add References!
  10. Revise And Edit

Let’s discuss these tips to write an excellent academic research paper in detail now.

Choose The Best Title

The title is an important part of your research paper and can affect the readership of your work. People often choose what they want to read based on their first impressions of such papers. The title of your academic research paper should reflect the overall significance of your study and briefly guide the reader about what entails the paper.

  • It would be best if you avoided jargon in your title.
  • Do not forget about the tables and figures captions and the section titles.
  • Choose an accurate and specific title for your research paper.

Along with the title, the subtitles should also be accurate and clear.

Write An Interesting Abstract

The abstract is the first part of your paper that the readers will read, and you will have to persuade the reader to keep reading your research paper. A concise and clear abstract must outline the workings of your research. You can also consult other relevant published papers in your field of research. You can also mention some prominent achievements in your domain of study and explain how your research work is based on those achievements.

Adding a video or a graphical abstract is the best way to make your research abstract more dynamic. It will make the research abstract visually appealing to the readers and summarise your work quickly.

Ensure That Your Research Is Novel

While writing an academic research paper, you should review if you have thoroughly researched the most recent findings and innovations in your field. Knowing about the latest findings will increase the novelty of your work. You can also cite the work of other researchers in your papers. You will only need to ensure that your research brings something new to the field.

Make Sure That Your Results Are Exciting

Your research results should be novel, scientifically accurate, and significant. If your research results are exciting, it will be easier to attract your readers. It will also enhance the citations from your work and encourage others to use it as a ground for further research.

Do Not Self-Plagiarise

While writing custom research papers, make sure to avoid repeating anything that you might have already mentioned in any of your previous research papers. Reusing your material is termed self-plagiarism and will seriously threaten your research paper’s success.

Use The Journal Template

The peer review process can prove troublesome for you as you keep waiting for opinions on whether your research paper should be in a journal. You can increase the chances of good reviews on your work by ensuring that your research work is easy to understand and properly organised. You can use a journal template to improve your writing process and save time.

Stay Relevant To The Topic

Some research issues have wider scopes, while others do not. Your research paper should fit well into the range of your topic. It can usually be achieved by adding a contextual paragraph to highlight the contextual relevance of your paper.

Follow The Custom Guidelines Of Your Institute

It is one of the most important steps while writing an academic research paper: you must follow the instructions of your institute while crafting your paper. It will save you from rewriting the complete paper or certain parts of your research paper.

Do Not Forget To Add References!

You might be surprised that all the papers submitted without proper references are returned to students by the editors. The student then finds and includes the relevant references in the research paper and resends them to the journal editors for publication. It would help if you used reference generators to add proper references in your paper.

Revise And Edit

It is the final and most important step of writing your academic research paper. When you finish writing it, sleep on it and come back after some days to review what you have written. Revise your work with a fresh pair of eyes and erase all its errors and faults. It will make your research paper flawless and impeccable; hence, it will be exciting for you and your audience to read!


Although writing an academic research paper is not easy, the tips and ways we have discussed in this article can assist you in improving it. Following these tips while writing the research paper can amplify the chances of having your research work published, read, cited and shared by other researchers. Once you have published your research paper, you should ensure to share it on whatever relevant platform you can share. For instance, you can share it on your social media accounts or put a link on your website.


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