Top 5 Virtual exhibitions Platforms in 2023

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Virtual trade shows have been around for a while but have never truly taken off since there is nothing like face-to-face encounters. There are various virtual exhibition platforms, like MultiTv, the buzz, handshakes, and energy are fantastic experiences with excellent networking opportunities. The present circumstances have already shown the need to have a physical trade fair alternative. As the world changes, we must adapt our communication methods. Holding a virtual exhibition fair is not only the need of the hour but is also required to overcome the current circumstances.

Understanding India’s Virtual Exhibition

India Showcase Market size has been expanding quicker with considerable growth rates over the previous few years. It is expected that the market will increase considerably between 2021 and 2028.

The Indian exhibition sector is digitalizing and being propelled by live-streaming technologies with real-time product demonstrations and webinars. The Indian Exhibition Industry study offers a comprehensive analysis of the market. 

Exhibitions are one of the most effective advertisements that contribute to company growth. Exhibitions are one of the most classic types of marketing and branding, and they work particularly well for communication professionals. Exhibitors (or vendors) may vary from manufacturers or distributors to retail stores or service groups aiming to deliver their products/services straight to the end consumer.

India’s Top 5 virtual exhibitions in India in 2023

Exhibitors had to immediately adjust to the new normal and discover new methods to engage their audience. 2020 introduced the era of virtual events and exhibit business, with a limitation on social meetings. Virtual event providers stepped in to help, offering a variety of experiences and functions that can use to connect with a larger audience through a virtual exhibition in India. Many new entries have joined the virtual events realm, with some poised to be game-changers shortly. When holding an online exhibit, choosing a platform with networking and interaction features is critical.

Based on criteria including dependability, ease of modification, and special features, we’ve selected the best five virtual exhibit platforms.

1. Coppers and Blues

Another new virtual event company, this virtual events platform, provides 360-degree experiences for your virtual booths, real-time attendance data, and interactive live sessions, allowing you to engage with your audience successfully.

The fact that this virtual events platform may also be hosted on your site is a crucial distinction. They are continually releasing updates and new features that expand on current capabilities.

2. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of India’s leading virtual exhibition platforms. Initially a live webcasting and streaming service, this virtual events platform has evolved over the years to become a full-fledged virtual events platform. Since the lockdown, the number of events held on Dreamcast’s platform has multiplied.

They provide all networking features like real-time chat, video calling, and WhatsApp integration. Structured agendas and document briefcase feature further improve the user experience.

It’s a strong platform that can host any virtual event. One-way, two-way, or group interactions are also simplified in their communication interface, making it ideal for virtual displays.

3. Xporium

Founded in 2017, Xporium India’s first Virtual Exhibition Platform delivers 2D, 3D, and VR solutions to create an immersive virtual event experience. Their immersive and revolutionary best OTT platforms assign participants a virtual avatar that they can utilize to stroll around the halls, investigate the exhibition booths, and participate in live webinars.

Attendees may also download catalogs and other information, all networking features are easily accessible, and the simple user interface is a crucial distinction.

This virtual event platform also has e-commerce connectivity, allowing visitors to purchase things at a virtual exhibition fair.

4. Platoo

Platoo is a new entry in the virtual events category and one of the virtual event firms poised to disrupt the industry. The primary advantage of this virtual events platform is that it enables agencies or marketers to control their virtual event experiences fully; you do not need any previous coding or web development skills to organize events on Platoo.

The user interface’s simplicity, both for the admin portal and the participants, makes the whole experience user-friendly and efficient in terms of time and money.

You may pick which servers your event data is kept on with Platoo; if the security and confidentiality of your user base is critical. This virtual events platform can be placed on servers with whatever degree of encryption or other security procedures you may need. There are no design or customization limitations; you may develop immersive 2D and hybrid experiences with this platform, which offers the best of both worlds and a simple price structure.

Detailed statistics can supply to measure user flow and data of all visitors in terms of the number of visitors to each stall and time spent engaging with the capabilities. External payment connections or product links may also add to the platform to help exhibitors with e-commerce.

5. MultiTv

Multitv is an expert-created virtual exhibition platform. The platform was created with the requirements of exhibitors and visitors. The platform’s primary goal is to give companies and organisations a one-stop solution for showcasing their goods and services to a larger audience.

Among the advantages are:

  • Make a lasting impact on shoppers by displaying your items in novel ways.
  • With our robust engagement capabilities, you can provide guests with a memorable interactive experience.
  • Get a head start on marketing by creating virtual material that highlights your event in the best possible light.
  • Use audience feedback to get useful insights and engage with your consumers in a deep way.

Bottom Line

Selecting the finest virtual event platform is more important than ever. Virtual events are now critical parts of the work and events environment in 2023, which is not surprising given that pandemic lockdowns, social distance, and workplace closures in 2021 and 2022 caused more people to communicate virtually and work remotely.