How Can Video Telematics System Ensure Fleet Security

How Can Video Telematics System Ensure Fleet Security
How Can Video Telematics System Ensure Fleet Security

Video telematics is all the rage right now and rightfully so. Fleet management systems have been able to achieve greater results with the help of this system. Not only does it help drivers navigate their vehicles better, but also helps maintain their safety. How? Well, this article will help you learn the operations that ensure enhanced vehicle safety. 

But before we get to that, let us first understand the factors that put a vehicle’s safety in jeopardy. Only then will we be able to understand why any fleet business needs to invest in fleet management software for safety. 

Challenges to Fleet Security

A fleet business’ security can depend on several factors. Some challenges that hinder smooth fleet operations include:

  • Careless Driving: Drivers not paying attention to the road is a huge factor contributing to unsafe fleet businesses. Distracted driving is a very high cause of accidents that a fleet business experiences. But there is no way a  manager can ensure that drivers are always attentive to their tasks with manual management methods.
  • External Factors: Vehicles that are travelling on the road constantly are also at risk of collision with other vehicles due to no fault of their own. This unnecessarily puts the blame on the drivers even if they were cautious of their surroundings. It can harm the vehicles, lead to nuclear verdicts, and also increase drivers’ turnover rate.
  • High Traffic Congestion: Traffic congestions call for a lot of driver attention. They have to ensure that their vehicle navigation is optimal or there can be consequences like accidents. This jeopardises the safety of vehicles, drivers, and consignments. 
  • Low Visibility: Visibility on the road, especially in situations where drivers have to reverse is low with huge vehicles. Biggert the vehicles, the more are its blind spots. This once again makes the vehicle prone to accidents that translate to monetary losses. 

What is Video Telematics

So what is video telematics? After all, the claims that it can ensure vehicle safety are only possible with a proper understanding of its operations. In very simple words, video telematics allows managers to collect visual media related to their vehicle’s activities instead of the textual data often associated with fleet management systems. This system is divided into two parts, both helping the fleet business tackle unique sets of security-related challenges: 

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS): This system allows managers to supervise their driver’s activities in real time. A driver facing dashcam with advanced AI helps detect any type of distracted driving. Thus, they get help eliminating any issues or accidents related to such instances. 
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): When on the road, drivers need better help navigating their surroundings. This is why the ADAS comes in. It helps them have better insights into their surroundings with the help of road-facing cameras. Thus, it reduces accidents related to actions like signal violations and sudden lane changes. 

Ways in Which Video Telematics Can Help

Reading the above selection you have a good idea about the ways video telematic solutions offered by fleet management software operate. So how can fleet businesses ensure that their vehicles remain safe with the use of video telematics? Some ways this is possible are:

Better On-road Navigation

With the help of dashcams, managers do not have to worry about getting into accidents due to things like any blind spots in the driver’s vision. The alert system used with ADAS saves vehicles from any probable dangers. This can be a collision with another vehicle or the roadside areas due to visibility issues. 

For vehicles belonging to the logistics sector, constantly entering and exiting warehouses is a big part of the fleet’s business operations. This requires great skills for reversing the vehicle, especially with consignments. A multi-camera set0-up can aid this process, ensuring vehicle safety. 

Proof Collection

Several times drivers can get the blame for accidents that are not even their fault, to begin with. This increases their dissatisfaction and can lead to a high driver turnover rate. But worry not, the video telematics system is here to help. This system allows managers access to the live footage of on-road activities.

Thus, for accidents that aren’t their fault, drivers have proof to vouch for innocence. Thai helps them maintain a good record and also helps them strengthen their relationship with the managers. 

Less Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most harmful things to happen to a fleet. It can lead to major accidents and can jeopardise the safety of vehicles, drivers and the consignment. This can be a major hit to the fleet business’ budget. But the fleet management system helps managers eliminate this issue.

DMS informs them of any instance where the driver is distracted from the task at hand. This means the business is able to not only ensure better profitability but also get better trust. This happens due to their clean records and assured safety. 

Driver Assessment

The drivers incharge of vehicles are aware of the dashcam recording their activities. Thus, they make conscious efforts to maintain a good record as well. This can be for the incentives or to become better at their job. Ultimately, it is the business that thrives with the efforts of the drivers. It can promise its clients good and safe services, expanding its clientele. 

In The End

A video telematics system comes bearing several benefits for any fleet business. This system alone makes investing in fleet management software worth it. Imagine getting a  huge array of benefits to supplement this even further. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s reality just waiting for you to explore your choices and then start growing.

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