How to Draw Homer Simpson


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Draw Homer Simpson in just 9 straightforward measures! The Simpsons have the distinction of being the longest-running American television show of all time. Foremost appearing in 1987, this dysfunctional household has captivated audiences worldwide. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, flowers drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

The leader of the home is the ungainly but well-meaning Homer Simpson. He’s such a recognizable symbol, but knowing how to remove Homer Simpson can be surprisingly hard. Luckily, this direction you’re close to reading will show you how comfortable and fun graphics can be. We wish you enjoy this step-by-step manual on how to draw Homer Simpson in 10 phases!

How To Draw Homer Simpson – Allow’s Call Created!

Step 1

To create this guide on withdrawing Homer Simpson, we’ll start with his director and regards. First, use a little process for the countenance of the request. Then use a curved line to form the eye on the left that relates to it. You can then use another curved line for her bill. For her mug, you’ll want to use a pencil to draw an oval form on her look to direct you through the following step. For now, you can go to this site, then count the top of his skull, ear, and channel, as demonstrated in the contact image.

Step 2: remove his chops in more segments.

This part of your Homer Simpson drawing will allow you to draw a more detailed version of his mouth. To do this, you’ll use your pen to draw a more rounded mouth inside the pencil circle you drew as a guide earlier. As shown in the reference image, his mouth will be opened slightly to show his teeth. Once you’ve drawn his mouth, you can erase the penciled oval you drew in the previous step.

Step 3: Following, complete Homer’s shirt coupling

We will end Homer’s shirt coupling in this phase of our focus on how to remove Homer Simpson. As indicated in our picture, use a string of linear and rare lines to form your chain. It should be attached at the base of your waterway.

Step 4: Currently form with Homer’s body and portions.

Homer’s body and portions will be the principle of this stage of your Homer Simpson picture. First, you can share Homer’s round body using two curved bars for his belly and rear. For the sequence of his rear, you should remove it in pencil because you’ll be pulling a component on it in one of the following steps. Ultimately, use more refined lines for the portions that come down from your body.

Step 5: draw shoes for Homer

Homer needs a new pair of shoes, and we’ll add a few in this step of our guide to drawing Homer Simpson. His shoes are rather simple in shape and consist of a few curved lines at the bottom of his pants. That’s all there is to this step!

Step 6: Next, draw his first arm.

By adding this part to your Homer Simpson drawing, you’ll be glad you drew Homer’s back with a pencil! You can draw the half-circle shape of your shirt sleeve below the collar using your pen. Then you can remove his bent component as it occurs in the contact print.

Step 7: Remove his different hand waving.

You have drawn one arm so far in this guide on how to draw Homer Simpson, and in this step, you can add the next one. This arm will connect to the left side of the body and be positioned so that it appears to wave.

Step 8: Form learning some facts for Homer.

Before moving on to the final steps and colors, we’ll add a few small details. First, you can use thin lines for the hair on the top of the head and above the ears. Then you can use a curved line across her stomach for the bottom of her shirt. Finally, you can draw a few lines on the bottom of his pants to finish them off.

Step 9: Finalize the Final Details

It’s nearly time to count some color to your graphic, but we have rare more contacts in this stage of our How to Remove Homer Simpson focus. Rather, you can count some drops inside his eyes for his students.

Then you can count the periodic lines between his teeth and on his ears to end this picture. Be sure to draw any additional elements or background details you want! The Simpson family is known for its bright colors; we will add them to this last part of your Homer Simpson drawing.


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