Book Aurangabad Tour Packages Online: Explore History, Culture, and Scenic Beauty


Aurangabad city is famous for its historical and cultural significance and tourists just cannot afford to miss this quaint town, located in the state of Maharashtra, India. As a city that is home to famous historical architectures, rock and cave paintings as well as more than 800 years old history of Muslim culture, Aurangabad indeed provides a wonderful experience. Again, booking your visit to Aurangabad is very easy because of the online booking service. With this context, here are some of the common aspects that you could hope to get from Aurangabad tour operators with package deals online.

Why Choose Aurangabad?

Aurangabad is also called the “city of gates” because the city has 52 gates that are placed throughout the city at regular intervals, and each of them has its own history. The city serves as a gateway to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the famous tourist attractions of India includes the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. These are popularly admired roman rock-cut caves that have exquisite sculptures, beautiful frescos, and architectural masterpieces originally crafted during the early second century BCE.

Besides these, Aurangabad has the magnificent “Bibi Ka Maqbara tour” or the “Taj of the Deccan” and the historical “Daulatabad Fort tour” that provides a bird’s eye view of the area and around. The city is also famous for its arts and crafts as well as traditional textiles such as Paithani sarees and Himroo shawls making it a shopper’s hub.

Benefits of Online Booking

Book  Aurangabad tour package online comes with several advantages:Booking your Aurangabad tour package online comes with several advantages:

Convenience: Make your holiday plan from home with no stress or hassle just a few requests on the computer.

Variety: From the selections of the packages to make from, you will find that there are different packages that have been provided to suit the different interests and budgets.

Customization: It’s better to organize your travels to go along with your desires, whether they may be connected to historical sightseeing or cultural events, natural landscapes.

Competitive Pricing: In particular, the viewer has access to discounts and promotions only available on the net.

Instant Confirmation: Speed up your bookings, as you are immediately subjected to them to minimize the chances of last-minute planning.

Popular Tour Packages

  1. Heritage Tour

Duration: 3 day with 2 night

Highlights: Ajanta Lena, Ellora Lena, Chatrapati Sambhaji Museum, Bibi Halima’s tomb, Daulatabad Fort

Inclusions: Lodging; Safaris and tours; Travel; Meal, specifically breakfast

  1. Cultural Extravaganza

Duration: 04 days 03 nights

Highlights: Paithan town well known for the famous ‘Paithani’ sarees, weekly bazaars, some traditional kalamkari artisans center

Inclusions: Shelter, making charges of the craft, trans- portation costs and foods

  1. Adventure and Nature

Duration: The distance from Kabwe to Lusaka can be covered in two days with one night spent on the road.

Highlights: There are seven Buddhist caves surrounded by slopes at Aurangabad and one can go trekking in the surrounding slopes and have a picnic at Salim Ali Lake.

Inclusions: SHUTTLE, lodging & meals, walks & trails, meals, transfer and picnicking arrangements

  1. Luxury Retreat

Duration: 5 days/4 nights

Highlights: The visits include a guided tour of the heritage sites, Thalassotherapy spa treatments, gourmet meal외 PPC

Inclusions: Luxury accommodation services, private transportation services, mouth-watering foods and refreshments, body spa services.

Tips for Booking Online

Research Thoroughly: Many interested travelers and tourists check reviews and ratings of the packages and operating tour companies before choosing a service.

Check Inclusions: This means that your package has to include basic needs such as accommodation, transport, and, where necessary, fees for entry into places of interest.

Flexible Dates: Give preference to Aurangabad tour packages that may be set to explore various sights at such fluidity that will allow for adjustments in the dates or schedule.

Travel Insurance: Ensure that you possibly get Travel insurance for further security.


Being a historical city in Maharashtra India, Aurangabad city will give the customer’s one of the wonderful travel experiences. This means that you can plan for your trip effectively and book your rooms online without much stress which frees up your time to enjoy the beautiful experiences that this city has to offer. Are you a crazy fan of history or a culture lover or an adventure crazy person then now is the right time for you to get ready to explore. Tourism in Aurangabad offers a glimpse of the rich history of the region that dates back to the Deccan Sultanate era.