Chennai to Delhi Flight Tickets: It is your complete guide


Chennai being one of the important IT hubs in India and Delhi as the heart of political and commercial activities; people usually travel from Chennai to Delhi for numerous purposes that may include commercial or leisure trips. It takes about 2, 200Kilometers to cover, and the most convenient method is through flying. In this article, I’ll share with you how to go about your flight journey from Chennai to Delhi or other things you would wish to know regarding flight tickets.

List of Airlines: Chennai Delhi

Numerous air carriers provide direct connectivity between Chennai with the Airport code MAA, and Delhi with code DEL guaranteeing full operational and facile transport schedules. The main airlines operating on this route include:The main airlines operating on this route include:

IndiGo: Being a popular airline company with connected flights and often high frequency, IndiGo has a number of flights per day connecting Chennai and Delhi.

Air India: The national carrier offers several flights and flying options, some of which also include in-flight meals.

Vistara: With its superior services, passengers can identify Vistara flights easily, especially by their comfortable and professional position.

SpiceJet: SpiceJet is one of the leading Indian airlines which are known for their success in offering not only affordable prices for their services but also high quality of service.

GoAir: As for the airlines, there are several low-cost, GoAir is known to offer several daily flights connecting Guwahati to its various destinations.

Flight Duration and Frequency

The direct flight between Chennai and Delhi takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes on an average while the connecting flight may take more time depending on the connecting destination. Departure time: Flights are offered during the entire day, there are flights in the morning, in the evening, as well as in the middle of the day, so those who organize their travel on the night flight will not have to wake up early in the morning.

Ticket Prices

The price of  flight tickets that are available on the route Flight  from Chennai to Delhi also depends on such factors as the date when the tickets are being booked, dates of the intended travel, as well as the specific airline that is being booked. Here’s a general idea of what you can expect:Here’s a general idea of what you can expect:

Economy Class: The pricing is common to begin from about INR 3,000 up to about INR 10,000. While most companies’ sabse sasti flight tickets can be booked online or via mobile apps, travelers can sometimes find better deals when they plan and purchase their tickets in advance or during specials

Premium Economy: Premium economy prices vary greatly and start with INR 8000 up to INR 15000 per person and the seats give more comfort and extra services.

Business Class: Economy class airfares range from INR 15000 to 30000 while there is availability for business class airfares that offer luxury and good services.

Booking Tips

Book in Advance: It is also significant to note that there is normally a tendency of a price hiked as the date of travelling draws near. Ordinary people can enjoy good tariffs if booking in advance, for example, two or three months before the estimated date.

Flexible Dates: If your working date is flexible you need to go to its search engine results to check for the cheapest days to travel.

Airline Websites and Apps: Sometimes airlines provide even better discounts or specific promotional codes that can be used only on their website or in their application.

Frequent Flyer Programs: If you are a frequent flyer member, there are often miles or points that can be applied towards rebates on, or even totally free, flights.

Travel Agencies and Online Portals: Online travel portals like My Flight Trip, Make My Trip, Clear Trip and Yatra occasionally offer special packages for travelling and if one is planning for a round trip , one can get some really good deals on the site.

Airport Information

Chennai International Airport (MAA): Chennai Airport is situated about 21 km away from the city centre of Chennai and the airport has two terminals one is for domestic and another is for international flights. It includes amenities such as lounge areas, restaurant, duty-free shops, and complimentary internet access.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL): Delhi Airport is situated roughly 16kms from the city’s core and ranks among the largest airports in India. The airport has three terminals and the Terminal 3 which is largest station, serves most domestic and international flights. Besides, it embraces lounges, shopping areas, dining options, and access to the internet in the form of Wi-Fi.

Travel Tips

Check-in Online: Check in on arrival at the airport is advisable to check in early and this can be done online 24 hours before flying.

Arrive Early: Always book your flight early in the morning so that you have ample time on your side before boarding the plane. This is because you not only are subjected to a lot of security checks, but other unforeseeable circumstances may occur as well.

Baggage Allowance: Passengers should therefore make sure they check on the policies that the airline of their choice holds on baggage to avoid getting charged for excess weight or sizes.

Weather Considerations: Delhi has the problem of fogginess which can greatly affect its functioning especially during the winter season. If you travel frequently during these months, always ensure you check your flight status beforehand.


As one of the major flight routes connecting the two active cities of Chennai to Delhi Flight, the journey is direct, relatively short, and easily arranged. So, with many choices and cheap ticket offers which never limit the quality, together with many services available on board and at airports, your flight is promised to be comfy and smooth. Thank you for using the online flight booking service, don’t forget to book as early as possible. You can also check for special offers and have a safe flight.