The Value of Leo Carty Prints


Leo Carty prints are an excellent way to celebrate the life of this renowned artist. They can be displayed in a variety of ways and can be a great addition to any home.

Carty, who was born in Harlem, NY, started drawing cartoons when he was a child. At ten, he received a scholarship to attend the Museum of Modern Art School for Children in Manhattan.

Watercolor prints

Carty was born in Harlem, New York and became an artist while still a child. He drew cartoons on sidewalks with chalk as a child and received a scholarship to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City at age 10.

Carty also drew editorial cartoons for Black media and illustrated eight African American children’s books. He also founded a greeting card company and taught art at various levels.

In 1976 Carty moved to St. Croix and lived there until his death. He portrayed life on the island during the turn of the 20th century in watercolor prints.

His paintings often feature graceful figures in turn-of-the-20 th -centurny dress displayed against historic buildings. They include scenes of water baptisms, playing of the Community Band in the Emancipation Garden and weaving straw baskets.


If you’re a fan of Leo Carty, you can own a piece of his artwork. His paintings capture the life of black people in the Virgin Islands during the turn of the century.

His style is impressionistic, with scenes of West Indian people at work or play, and even going to church. His works can be found in many museums and galleries around the world.

Besides his well-known lithographs, Carty also produced watercolor prints. One of his most famous pieces is “Community Band in Emancipation Garden,” which depicts a group of Blacks playing in a garden at the end of the Civil War.

Carty’s works are now on display in a show at Cane Roots Art Gallery in downtown Christiansted. The exhibition opened on Art Thursday and continues through May 27.


While Carty is best known for his cartoons, his paintings are also worth collecting. They are a great way to decorate your home and show off your love for the artist.

Leo Carty was born in Harlem, New York and began drawing at a young age. He studied art at the Museum of Modern Art and was recognized for his talent. He later became a syndicated cartoonist, an illustrator of African American children’s books, and designed greeting cards.

In 1976, Carty moved to St. Croix where he lived and painted for the rest of his life. His impressionistic paintings adorn numerous public buildings throughout the Virgin Islands.

His paintings are a true reflection of island life, showing local figures in period dress, and focusing on historical structures. He also paints beautiful scenes of kids playing on the beach or women washing clothes.


One of the best ways to show your appreciation for a local artist is by purchasing their art. There are several different types of artwork that you can choose from, including paintings and sculptures.

Leo Carty, an American artist who was born in Harlem, New York, was known for his colorful works. He painted scenes of daily life and incorporated history into his work.

His work is often reminiscent of the Virgin Islands, and his watercolor prints are a great way to get a closer look at what life was like in the Caribbean during the turn of the century. His lithograph, Community Band in Emancipation Garden, is one of his most famous works.

He also created editorial cartoons that were published in the Sainte-Croix Avis newspaper. He also taught art at the University of the Virgin Islands and coordinated an Adult Educational Senior Art Program at the Golden Grove Correctional Facility.