Iolite Gemstone Benefits, Importance and Properties


Iolite gemstone is a beautiful gemstone that comes in dark deep blue hues. It is popularly known as Kaka Neeli in India because of its dark blue hue and luster. The bluish tone of the Iolite gemstone is like that of the blue sapphire which is why it is often confused with blue sapphires. 

Iolite however has totally different physical and metaphysical properties. This gemstone is the stone of confidence and memory. It is known as the Gem of Vikings, back in the day. It has a rich history and its name is derived from Greek. 

In this blog, we will discuss more about this beautiful blue gemstone and the various advantages it provides to the wearer. 

Importance of Iolite Gemstone 

The Iolite gemstone just like the Blue Sapphire is ruled by Planet Saturn. Saturn is also known as Lord Shani as per vedic astrology. In astrology, every gemstone have a ruling planet that rules the particular gemstone and blesses the person who wears this gemstone. 

Iolite is blessed by Saturn so anyone who wears a natural Iolite gemstone will get the blessings of Saturn as well. Since the Iolite stone looks like blue sapphire and the ruling planet of both gemstones is the same, sometimes Iolite is used as a substitute for blue sapphire. 

Anyone who has the negative effects of Saturn in their birth chart is advised to wear an Iolite gemstone. The Iolite gemstone will remove the adverse effects and bring the blessings of Saturn planet. 

The stone will bring many other advantages and powers with it to the person who wears it. Know all these profits you will get in the next section. 

Benefits of the Iolite Gemstone 

Original Iolite Gemstone is mostly known as the Vision stone. This stone is said so because as per ancient beliefs, the gemstone helps you with your perception or vision. The powers of the gemstone help the person get to know themselves better. It makes the person look within and makes them more self-aware. 

Know the other benefits of wearing an Iolite gemstone:- 

  • Saturn is the planet of wisdom and Justice. And so anyone who wears this gemstone will stay true to themselves. They will become wiser. 
  • It is also said that Saturn is the planet of Karma so the gemstone will help you get neutral with your Karma and help you pay for the Karmic sins of your life. 
  • Iolite gemstone will enhance your ambitions and will help you achieve your dreams or goals. Therefore, it is also believed that Iolite is an excellent stone to wear if you want to gain success and have a successful career. 
  • Iolite gemstone benefits also include activating the crown chakra in the body of the wearer. This energy center is located at the top of our heads. This chakra uplifts you and helps you connect with the higher powers or divination. 
  • The stone will remove your worries and stress. The soothing energies of the stone will keep you calm and relaxed. 

Healing Properties of the Iolite Stone

The Iolite gemstone has healing properties that heal the person mentally, or emotionally as well as physically. The gemstone will heal you emotionally as it will help you overcome grief, loss, or any emotional trauma as well as help to cure depression or anxiety. 

This gemstone physically will help you detoxify. It will strengthen your organs like liver and nervous system. It is also known that a natural Iolite gemstone can reduce fatty deposits in the body as well. Indeed, the stone will also help you with your digestion as it cures ailments related to the stomach. 

Additionally, if you suffer from insomnia or any other sleep-related troubles, Iolite is the stone for you. It will help you with your sleeping patterns and assist sleeping better. 

The Iolite gemstone will also provide you relief from migraines, cure diseases related to the heart, and aid fever. Also, it will maintain your blood flow and help regulate your blood pressure. 


Iolite is a powerful gemstone that will give you mental peace and serenity. It will increase your confidence and strength as well. This beautiful dark blue gemstone looks attractive as well which makes it a demandable gemstone. 

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