7 Features Keep in Mind While Buying a 5G Smartphone


There are a lot of people talking about 5G smartphones right now. Still, it is always important to remember that 5G technology is currently in the infancy stage in India, which is why you should take special care when purchasing such smartphones. People are highly anticipating the 5G network since it promises faster internet speeds, better connectivity, and more bandwidth. There are a few aspects that you need to consider before deciding on upgrading your smartphone to a 5G smartphone to experience the next-generation connectivity provided by the device. 

Listed below are the seven most important features to keep in mind when purchasing a 5G Smartphone


The phone needs a 5G chipset to support 5G networks. It is expected that a 5G chipset will be equipped with a built-in module that detects the presence of 5G. There is good news in the mid-range and flagship segments: many of the newer chipsets can support 5G. Snapdragon 765G, Qualcomm 695, and Snapdragon 865 chips support 5G. Undoubtedly, any MediaTek phone powered by a dimensity series chipset will be able to support 5G technology. OnePlus 10T 5G is also budget friendly and it is available on all major e-commerce platforms in India.

Wi-Fi connectivity

5G smartphones are now available with various capabilities, most conform to the 802.11ac standard, also known as Wi-Fi 5. The 802.11 ax or Wi-Fi 6 standard is ideal for maximizing the potential of 5G technology. With 5G cellular technology and Wi-Fi 6 working in tandem, seamless and near-real-time communication can be offered with reduced latency and a faster speed with seamless and near real-time communication.

Timely updates

Several mobile phones are expected to support 5G shortly but may come with software limitations in standalone networks. These brands are expected to release OTA updates over the next few weeks to ensure trouble-free support for 5G service. When choosing a phone, make sure you choose a brand with a good track record of timely updates so you can quickly access 5G networks. Using this method will ensure that your phone has updates that enable and unlock 5G and hotfix updates to correct any bugs with 5G network reception that may occur.


Undoubtedly, 5G offers a huge leap in internet speed. This feature must also be supported by some hardware to work, resulting in higher energy use. It would help if you always opted for the 5G smartphone with the highest battery capacity to get the best performance. To choose a phone with a larger display, such as the OnePlus 10T 5G, is one of the most important things. Also, OnePlus 10T 5G price is low as compared to other brands smartphones with the same features.

Operating System

You should be aware that if you opt for iOS, you will, by default, be expecting to receive an Apple iPhone. Other 5G smartphone manufacturers use the Android OS but also have a confusing array of names and variations. The best operating system for 5G smartphones is Android 11. You should also look for a smartphone with an operating system that can be upgraded to Android 12. Many manufacturers are tweaking the Android OS to add new features to the phone, but this may also result in added bloatware, which can slow down the phone. Try it out if you are still determining whether the phone is right for you.

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There is a great deal of hype surrounding the in-built cameras that come with most 5G smartphones, with brands competing to offer the best megapixel count. While some flagship models come with a quad rear camera setup, entry-level models come with a triple rear camera setup. The more megapixels a camera has does not automatically mean better images. It’s not just about the number of megapixels. Besides the megapixels of a camera, many other factors influence the quality of a picture, including the ISO level, the aperture, and the speed at which the autofocus is engaged, among many others. 

RAM Type

It is important to choose a 5G smartphone with enough RAM regardless of the phone’s support for 5G. The RAM size of 4GB to 6GB is adequate for moderate gaming and multimedia requirements. Nevertheless, one of the most important factors to bear when shortlisting 5G smartphones is the type of RAM and the RAM size. 

When 5G services are implemented in smartphones, a considerable amount of RAM is needed, which can put a great deal of strain on the battery and result in faster discharge. The OnePlus 10T 5G with 8 GB of RAM is one of the most popular 5G smartphones right now, mostly because of the low OnePlus 10T 5G price and advanced features that it offers.