Yoga Poses You Must Avoid with Hypertension 


Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is now affecting people in their middle age. Poor diet, lifestyle choices, and stress management all contribute to the development of the condition. Proper medical checkups and medication are necessary to keep the condition in control.

Besides this, yoga practice also helps improve the quality of life and get control over the condition. However, random yoga practice or any pose will not bring you closer to your goals but will increase the complexities and risks. Certain yoga poses are harmful to hypertension, so you must only stick to the ones recommended by experts.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on yoga poses you must avoid with hypertension and look for alternative solutions to manage the condition efficiently.

Top 6 Yoga Poses You Should Not Practice With Hypertension

Hypertension is a common health issue many people develop as soon they reach their 40s. The stressors of life and problematic lifestyle are the major issues behind this. Most people try to adopt yoga to improve their condition, but the poor choice of poses makes it worse. Certain yoga poses can worsen hypertension; therefore, you must avoid them.

Here are the major yoga poses you should not practice with hypertension and avoid the related repercussions.

  1. Camel Pose

Camel pose is the basic yoga pose you must avoid if you suffer from hypertension. The pose involves a deep backbend, which can negatively impact the blood flow to the heart and head. The circulation will get slower during bending, but the blood will immediately rush to the head when you come out of the pose.

The pose, which is otherwise quite beneficial, poses a severe risk of stroke and related issues to people with hypertension. Considering this, most people join yoga studio Dubai to practice under the guidance of professional trainers and maintain hypertension smoothly.

  1. Headstand Pose

The headstand pose is another notable yoga pose that is forbidden for patients with hypertension. The pose is otherwise quite beneficial for balance improvement, blood circulation, and mediation. However, it makes the practitioner stand on their head instead of their feet while hanging the body inversely in the air.

The heart is higher than the head, which makes the blood rush towards the latter. If you suffer from high blood pressure, the sudden surge in blood pressure can prove fatal for you. So, you must never practice headstands or other inversions to protect yourself from potential risk factors.

  1. Handstand Pose

The handstand pose is the next yoga pose, which is risky for people suffering from high blood pressure. In this particular pose, the practitioners balance their bodies on the hands while elevating them in the air. The heart is again above the head, which makes the blood rush towards it.

Once you get out of the pose, the blood flow will rush in the opposite direction at an increased pressure. It can cause severe damage to veins, paralysis, stroke, and other similar conditions. Practicing handstand with hypertension is nothing less than inviting fatal conditions, so watch out your practices.

  1. Legs up The Wall

Legs up the wall is a relaxing pose, which is not beneficial for people with hypertension. The pose requires the practitioners to elevate their legs and lower body along a wall while the upper body rests on the floor.

The pose involves slight elevation of the legs while the heart and head are at the same level. It can lead to a significant increase in blood pressure, which may cause a headache instead of offering relaxation. You must look for hot yoga benefits for high blood pressure and make them an active part of your routine to achieve your specific goals.

  1. Wheel Pose

Wheel pose is the next yoga pose, which is off-limits for patients with hypertension. The particular pose involves a deep backbend, which is not just challenging in practice but also has multiple risks. It can cause spinal injuries to anyone who lacks flexibility or practice.

Besides this, it has a high risk of increasing blood pressure and causing potential risks like vein damage, stroke, paralysis, etc. Avoiding the pose altogether is the best option. However, if you must practice it, do so under the guidance of professional trainers and avoid the risks.

  1. Plow Pose

The plow pose is the last yoga pose that is prohibited for patients with hypertension. The pose requires the practitioners to flip their lower body over the head. It puts immense pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles and has a chance of increasing blood pressure. A sudden increase in blood pressure can cause vein damage and multiple other issues.

Therefore, avoiding the pose altogether is the best option if you suffer from hypertension. However, if you still want to practice it, you must approach it very cautiously. You can even join yoga studio and learn yoga poses suitable for hypertension from an expert trainer and keep your condition under control.

Do you want to practice yoga for hypertension?

You should not start practicing any yoga pose you know when you have hypertension. Instead, you must join a professional studio, get personalized consultation from certified trainers, and practice poses in their guidance to manage hypertension.