What Are Custom Flip Top Boxes And Which Brands Can Use It?


Custom flip top boxes are one of the finest and highest-quality packaging styles that are used when premium and luxurious products are required to be packed. The boxes can not only increase the charm of your products but also act as an essential factor when it comes to impacting sales. 

In the market, the value of the product not only depends upon its quality but also on the way the product is presented. With the top-quality and premium designs on the boxes. You can make the customer pay a little extra for your product. 

Using a flip top box you can increase the charm of your product as the boxes are designed with subtle artwork that impresses the customers with the professionalism of your company. Multiple brands can use the boxes and make them valuable. Let’s read the blog and learn more about the boxes. 

What Are Custom Flip Top Boxes? 

These boxes have a lid attached to the body of the boxes on one side and the other side of the lid is magnetic that closes the opening of the boxes. The regular boxes used in the retail market have tucking ends, but flip top boxes have a unique opening or closing style of the boxes. 

These boxes are designed according to the custom demand of the brands so that they can give the best experience to the customers. The premium material used in the manufacturing boxes gives them a firm and chick look making your product a bit more elegant. 

Which Brands Can Use The Boxes? 

Decorative flip top boxes can be used for the packaging of multiple products. From cosmetic products to pharmaceutical brands and even jewelry packaging, these boxes are an ideal solution. The boxes are easy to use so your packaging department can remain hassle-free. Some of the brands that can use these boxes are as follows: 

  • Pharmaceutical brands 
  • Cosmetic companies 
  • Jewelry dealers
  • Bakeries 
  • Luxury pen-selling brands 
  • Perfume sellers 
  • Aromatic candle dealers

Why Flip-Top Boxes Are So Special? 

The specialty of the packaging can be identified by the fact of how much a particular packaging can add value to the product. If the customers are willing to pay even a high cost for your product then this means the packaging and product quality has cast a positive impression on the customers. 

With flip top box with magnetic closure brands easily get an appealing look for their product. What do you think if you see an attractive thing? This particular thing is manufactured with quality material so the manufacturer must have invested time and money in the product right? And you may willing to pay extra for that product because the quality has impressed you. 

Customers have the same tendency and they also get impressed when an unconventional thing comes into their view. Flip top boxes wholesale have this quality in abundance due to which most brands trust spending money on these boxes. Some of the appealing features of the boxes are as follows: 

Quality That Resonates With High Standards 

The quality of the packaging is a vital factor that makes the boxes worthy of investment, as custom boxes with a flip-top lid are manufactured with high-quality material which is why they successfully show the high standard of your brand. Due to the premium look flip top gift box are also becoming popular. 

Although multiple types of material are used in the manufacturing of boxes with a flip-top the best material for these boxes is rigid. This material resembles wood and has high durability that keeps the delicate item safe and in sound condition. 

Elegant Artwork 

On custom boxes with a flipping lid, elegant artwork is added so that the subtle and elegant look of the boxes remains as it is. The boxes are decorated with minimal prints that are sometimes highlighted with embossing, debossing, and foil stamping.

That is why cardboard boxes with handles are most of the time designed in flip-top style. Furthermore, the color selection of the boxes is also done carefully to show an unmatchable box quality. 

Marketing Potential 

The best and the most desirable thing today is the marketing potential of packaging. The more you invest in marketing the more you are going to get sales. Among all the promotional factors, the thing that makes the promotion of your brand easy is the use of logo-printed boxes. As logos are an identity of your brands they are easily recognized by the customers. 

Sum Up! 

Custom flip top boxes are a one-stop solution for your company that will not only help you in getting an out-class presentation of your product but can also be used for multiple purposes. The high-quality attractive boxes when printed with the logo of your company give an excellent promotion to your brand.