Top 8 Benefits Of Using A VPN You Might Be Unaware Of


8 Benefits Benefits Of Using A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Cyber security has become more crucial than ever for internet users, so VPNs or Virtual Private Networks have also gained significant popularity. Currently, over 1.5 billion people use VPNs globally for security reasons. While VPNs have improved security and privacy, they also deliver other benefits that most people might not know about. Do you also use VPN services? If yes, we are sharing some benefits of using VPN services for you. 

  1. Access Blocked Sites

One of the major purposes why people use VPN services is that they want to access a blocked site. A VPN hides your original IP address and changes it to another location from where you can access that blocked site. Movie enthusiasts always use free movie sites like SSRmovies, Rarbg, and 123movies, and watch movies, but they get blocked because of piracy.  If you want to unblock movie sites like rarbg unblock, a VPN will help you. 

  1. Improve Security & Privacy

VPN uses encryption and creates a more secure connection. So, while you are using an app or website, this VPN will protect your data. It hides your browsing history, making it tough for hackers and internet service providers to monitor your online activities. NordVPN doesn’t keep blogs and is the best option for security and privacy.  

  1. Unlimited Internet Access 

If you think internet access is unlimited, that’s not the complete truth. Some regions, like North Korea, restrict people from using the internet. While the restrictions can be fewer according to region, you can still use a VPN. It will help you overcome the restrictions by hiding your online activities. As a result, you can use the internet freely without worrying about restrictions.  

  1. Saving Money Online 

As online shopping has become trending, online retailers started to collect information from buyers and vary their product prices according to locations. Some e-commerce sites like Amazon charge different prices according to region. A VPN forbids your actual location so you see the real prices of products you will buy. 

  1. Gaming Benefits

Nowadays, people play or download games from unauthorised sites, which can be vulnerable to their online privacy because such sites don’t protect your IP address. Using a VPN while playing such games hides your IP address and protects you by increasing privacy. ProtonVPN, WindscribeVPN,, and AtlasVPN are some options mostly used for online gaming. 

  1. Overcome Bandwidth Throttling 

Bandwidth throttling is the situation when your internet provider slows down the internet speed. It commonly occurs when you visit specific websites or engage in specific internet activities. A VPN will encrypt the traffic coming from your mobile or PC and help you overcome bandwidth throttling. Ultimately, you can use high-speed internet on such sites. 

  1. Block Ads 

When visiting websites on the internet, you must have encountered annoying ads. It’s common, but you can avoid it when using a better VPN service. NordVPN, Total Adblock, Surfshark CleanWeb, AdGuard, and uBlock Origin are some VPN platforms that will block ads while accessing websites

  1. Network scalability

When an organisation grows, so does the cost of its dedicated network. A VPN allows businesses to use the previously available internet lines; hence, employees can access a secure network with a simple login. It will only require them to have the correct login details. This network can be accessed from anywhere, and as a VPN protects your information, employees working from home or connected with business travel have benefited from it. 

Summing Up

VPNs or virtual private networks have become popular in recent years and have several benefits. Using a VPN allows you to access blocked sites, improves your privacy and security, helps you in bandwidth throttling, and provides a smooth internet surfing experience by blocking unwanted ads. ProtonVPN, WindscribeVPN,, and AtlasVPN are some popular VPN options that you can use. We hope this blog helped learn the benefits of VPN. If you liked this blog, drop a comment in the below section and let us know. Also, tell us which VPN you are currently using or would like to use in the future.