Tips To Choose The Best Head Torch For Camping!

head torch in NZ

Whether camping, hiking, trekking, night walking, trail running, or mountaineering, a head torch can be of great help. It is one of the most versatile and useful camping essentials to invest in. But, with many head torch options available, choosing a suitable one can be pretty challenging.

Fret not! Here in this blog, we will help you learn how to choose the best head torch in NZ for your eerie night rides and thrilling moonlit trail runs.

How to choose a head torch?

Although there are multiple factors to consider while buying a head torch, we have enlisted only the most important ones. Read on to find out how to choose a head torch that’s right for you.

#1. Design

It goes without saying that design is the base of a product. If you need a head torch for regular use, consider buying a standard hiking head torch. However, if your head torch requirement caters to mountain sports or trail running, go for an expensive trail running head torch incorporating high-end features.

Now, are you wondering what’s the difference between the two head torches? Well, a hiking head torch is a compact, single-unit product that needs to be worn in front of the forehead, over or under a mountain helmet.

A trail running head torch, on the other hand, comes with two separate blocks. It basically features a lightweight light block in the front and a battery block on the back to distribute the weight of the product uniformly.

#2. Power Of Lumens

Always consider checking out the power of lumens when buying a head torch just like you would check the number of tools when buying a Leatherman in NZ. Why? Because the quality of a head torch lies in its lumen power.

Actually, lumens measure the brightness of a head torch. The higher the range of lumens, the brighter will be the torch lighting. And it’s needless to say how important the brightness of a torch is, particularly in campsite environments.

Generally, a head torch with 100-250 lumens is more than sufficient for chilling or reading inside a camp tent. However, if you are seeking a head torch to be used for night-time walking, choose one that incorporates 300-600 lumens.

#3. Battery Type

Choosing the right kind of battery for your head torch is very important and should always depend on what you are going to use your torch for. Practically, head torches come with AA, AAA, rechargeable NiMH, or rechargeable Lithium Accu batteries.

Now, rechargeable head torches are the most expensive ones. But, if you are seeking to buy a head torch in NZ that can allow you to travel in complete autonomy, free from all sorts of hassles during multiple-day hikes or long treks, a torch with solar charger or rechargeable portable battery should be your ideal choice.

You may also check out mid-range rechargeable head torch models incorporating USB rechargeable batteries or high-end models that come with retractable USB rechargeable batteries. Just ensure to choose a head torch battery bearing your needs in mind.

#4. Battery Lifespan

Once you have confirmed the design, lumen power, and battery type, it’s time to check out the battery lifespan of the head torch you would like to buy. Yes, the battery life is also an important consideration factor when choosing a head torch for outdoor adventures.

Always ensure to pick a head torch that offers maximum battery life. That’s mainly because if you choose a head torch with a shorter battery lifespan, you will either need to carry spare batteries or a solar panel to recharge the batteries.

Want to avoid carrying spare batteries? Consider choosing a head torch that offers various dimming and strobing settings! Investing in such a product will help you preserve your torch’s battery life when maximum brightness is not required.

#5. Waterproofness

If you want to get optimal performance out of your head torch, consider choosing one that guarantees to withstand extreme weather conditions, impacts, and abrasions. But, how will you understand the level of robustness offered by the head torch you would like to buy?

The effective way to measure the robustness of a head torch is by checking out its protection index (IPXX). A head torch that withstands rain is rated IPX4 while one that splashes withstand big splashes of water is rated IPX5 or IPX6.

Apart from that, a head torch that withstands a short immersion is rated IPX7, and one that withstands more water, generally over 1 meter of water for over 30 minutes is rated IPX8. so, consider choosing a head torch depending on the type of weather you are heading to.

Wrap Up!

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the factors to consider in choosing a head torch in NZ. If you have already considered buying one, ensure to keep your head torch usage purpose, budget, and campsite weather in mind. After all, you would need your head torch for a range of activities while out in the woods.