Sharing Accomplishments with Free Graduation Cards


Even in the midst of formal celebrations like ceremonies and graduation formal dinners, a simple graduation card imbued with kind words of encouragement, voiced pride and well wishes may be one of the most treasured gifts. Free graduation cards are also slowly embedded on the roots of giving this special occasion a sweet farewell besides waking up to an extra bill. In this article, the author focuses on the giveaways, especially the system where students get their graduation cards for free and how to attain the best cards.

They are the 4 advantages of having Free Graduation Cards.

Cost-Effective: Free graduation cards are graduated cards, which you can personally design and print with no cost involved hence making it cheaper. Graduation ceremonies have so many different costs for example gowns, caps till parties and gifts. Other associated costs such as those accrued in purchasing cards can be eliminated by offering them for free but at the same time enable a group to make a worthy gesture.

Wide Variety: When using the internet as a source of graduation cards, one can easily find free graduation card design templates to match a wide variety of preferences. No matter if you like basic and glamorous tire designs or funny and colorful as tire designs there will always be something for everybody.

Personalization: As a result, a majority of the available graduation cards websites are free to use and provide for customization. There are options for text and picture messages, and when ordering a card, one can select exciting colours that are close to the graduate’s heart or school colours.

Convenience: It is easy to obtain a graduation card over the internet because they are free. Sending electronic greeting cards is very simple all you have to do is search for a card that you like, modify it in anyway which you want and then either make a hard copy of it or forward it.

From this article, you will learn valuable tips on how to make your free graduation card are extra special.

In fact free graduation cards are simple to obtain and so usable but sometimes to turn them into something individual it is possible. 

Here are some tips to ensure your card stands out:

Add a Personal Message: It is recommended to spend some time to write a message that would be personal to the given recipient and the nature of the two of you witnessing this amazing transformation of the graduate. Personal reference also to experiences that one has undergone or compliments that have been received in the past can make the card more sentimental.

Include Photos: Including a picture of the graduate, or a picture you shared a special moment with them, is a good way of making the card more unique and reminding yourself of the fun time you had together.

Use Quotes: If you want to go further, you can write some heros quotes about education, success, new beginning for instance, in this card. Select quotes of your choice in relation to the graduate’s experience and the holder’s potential plans.

Customize Colors and Fonts: Most free card-maker platforms provided in the options let you work with colors and fonts. Select the hue that corresponds to the graduate’s school colors or their favorite ones if they are not tied to specific colors.

Print on Quality Paper: If you have decided in having your business card printed at home then using quality paper for your card will go a long way in changing the finishing of the business card.

While graduation in itself has a history, so does graduation cards, as with many other types of congratulating cards. It has been a tradition to give cards or greetings on events of special occasions for centuries more so with the development of the modern graduation card. First, graduation announcements we received looked very official and were produced on thick paper since it was a major accomplishment. : Over time, these became slightly more individualistic and commercial to what today is normative ‘graduation announcement,’ or greeting card.

Organized Graduation Card: Digital versus Printed

Digital Cards:

Instant Delivery: It could be sent via the internet, devices, social networks which makes it applicable when one wants to congratulate the recipient or celebrate with them at short notice or across the country or from a distance.

Printed Cards:

Tangible Keepsakes: If this little reminder is going to encourage graduates to take the letters with them when they leave the school, and then keep them, then perhaps printed cards are the best option.

Personal Touch: It removes the feeling that is received by the recipients with digital cards which sometimes lack personality.

Display Value: The printed cards which may be in forms of greeting cards or post cards can be hanged on the shelves, desks or even on the bulletin boards so that people can see them and be reminded of the achievement.

Collage Style: Design a photo montage card of the graduate where you will be having some pictures of the graduate taken while in school starting from the first day of school to the day of the graduation.

Video Messages: With the digital cards, ensure that they incorporate a short video message. This also brings the familiar feel and the movement element that cannot be feelings as just text.


Informal greeting cards which are usually issued at graduation are among the best since they do not impose extra costs on the graduates. There are several designs that can be purchased on the internet and a range of options that can be selected to make the card unique and special to the recipient . When sending the cards, it is possible to incorporate small messages, pictures, or even quotes from the graduate in order to make the card meaningful to the recipient more so being a great reminder of the efforts they have put into their education. Whether written on a piece of paper or designed on a smartphone, a well-composed graduation card will be a fitting expression of your pride and good wishes as the graduate begins a new grade, a fresh year, or a new age.