KTM 390 Duke First Ride Review – The Ultimate 390 Duke in 2024


KTM bikes have been a leading force in the motorcycle industry, renowned for their innovative and groundbreaking models. The 390 Duke, now in its third generation and bearing the plate number KTM 390, is a prime example of KTM’s unwavering commitment to performance and innovation. In this analysis, we will look at the technical details of the 2024 390 Duke and determine if it truly lives up to its reputation as the ultimate 390 Duke.

A Decade of Evolution

About ten years ago, KTM launched a bike called the 390 Duke in India. This introduction caused uproar in the segment. In 2024, KTM released the third generation of the 390 Duke. It’s supposed to be a perfect bike, just like the first one was. 

Since its initial launch, the bike has been a popular choice for riders in India. The model’s third generation promises to be even better than its predecessors, with improved performance and advanced features. It’s exciting to see how far KTM Bikes has come in the past ten years and how they have continued to innovate and improve their products. The 390 Duke is a bike to watch for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Unleashing Power

The heart of any motorcycle is its engine, and the 390 Duke 2024 doesn’t disappoint. This bike is the most powerful, with a revamped motor boasting a 399cc capacity, 2.5 PS, and 2Nm more than its predecessor. The torque curve, enhanced by a larger airbox, ensures a delightful power surge from 5,000rpm onwards, making it a joy on highways, mountain roads, and race tracks.

Agile Handling

Handling has always been a strong suit for the Duke series, and the Gen-3 Duke maintains this legacy. While the main trellis frame remains, a new aluminium subframe, offset mono-shock, and a tweaked fork contribute to a refined and sharper handling experience. The reduction in weight by 4kg, especially in the unsprung mass, enhances the bike’s manoeuvrability, making it almost telepathic in response. 

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Adjustable Suspension

For the first time in the 390 Duke series, KTM has introduced adjustable suspension with the Gen-3 avatar. It includes five settings for compression and rebound for the WP Apex fork, providing riders with customisation options for their riding preferences. Even in stock settings, the adjustable suspension handles bumps and potholes in various road conditions.

Impressive Braking

Braking on the 390 Duke 2024 is not just about stopping power; it’s about confidence-inspiring brake feel and initial bite. The bike’s braking system allows riders to trail brake into corners with assurance, adding to the overall riding experience.

Daily Riding Comfort

Comfort is essential for daily riders, and the 390 Duke 2024 excels. With a spacious seat, a comfortable height of 800mm, and an adaptable posture that balances the cramped first-gen and the more spread-out second-gen, this bike caters to a wide range of riders.

City-Friendly Tractability

The 390 Duke 2024 addresses the city-riding quirks of its predecessors. The larger airbox and wider torque spread improve tractability at city speeds, allowing the bike to handle lower speeds in higher gears without complaints. The throttle calibration, especially in Street mode, enhances city riding by reducing the need for frequent clutch usage.


A noteworthy addition to the 390 Duke 2024 is the QuickShifter+, a seamless feature that provides smooth shifting up and down with some revs. Despite minor clunkiness at lower speeds, the QuickShifter+ adds a layer of convenience to the overall riding experience. 

The KTM Duke 390 2024 is an impressive motorcycle in terms of performance and features and offers excellent value for money. With an average ex-showroom KTM Duke 390 price of ₹2,97,818, the KTM Duke 390 2024 provides an affordable entry point into high-performance motorcycles. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a new enthusiast, the Duke 390 2024 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of riding without breaking the bank.