Footwear Every Bride Must Include in Her Bridal Trousseau


You will never hear a woman say that I have enough footwear! Especially when it comes to soon-to-be brides, they will never ever say that before their wedding. And why would they? After all, a bride has the right to prepare her bridal trousseau with all the must-have things, and footwear is among those ones. If you are also a bride who dreams of having a beautiful wedding trousseau that has different footwear so that you can wear matching footwear with different outfits, then we are here to help you out. We know with so many options out there, it might have been tough to choose the ones that would be ideal for almost every occasion. From wedding jutti pairs to sandals and more, let’s discuss the must-have footwear you must include in your trousseau. 

Must-Have Footwear For Every Bridal Trousseau: 

A Pair of Kolhapuris 

While we know glitz is a thing for every bridal outfit, a comfy and simple kolhapuris can be your ultimate go-to pair for every outfit at any time of the day. They are super comfortable and just go with every ethnic outfit. This is especially an amazing footwear option for those who are not used to wearing heels. So, a pair of pretty tan Kolhapur is a must in your trousseau. You can also get it customized and get yourself the prettiest pair. 

Edgy & Comfy Wedges 

Another pair of footwear you can add to your wedding collection is comfy and unique wedges. We know sometimes it’s practically impossible to wear those sky-high heels all day long. But the requirement of heels for your look is important. This is where a pretty pair of wedges comes to your rescue. They are the ultimate life saviours, especially for all the women out there who find it difficult to walk around in pencil heels. 

Designer Flat Sandals 

We all know it’s not possible to wear those flashy sandals and heels all the time. This is where simple and designer flat sandals come in. From giving you the perfect beach look on your honeymoon to those late-night walks and rituals at home, flat sandals are surely a handy choice for every bride out there. Choose from cute embellishments to simple straps, and look your best. These flat sandals offer you superior comfort and also give you a glamorous look when paired the right way for different occasions. 

Embroidered Juttis & Mojaris 

Juttis and mojaris are the epitome of Mughal rule in India. These designer footwear provide a unique twist to any ethnic outfit. The best part? They are available in a wide range of designs and colors. The best part? They go well with most ethnic outfits and are just ideal for every newly married bride’s footwear wardrobe. If you are someone who is bored of flats and heels and wants to add some enchantment to their wardrobe, then you must opt for wedding jutti or mojaris. 

Voguish Pointed Pumps 

Every bride should have a pair of pumps in her footwear collection. Pumps are versatile and complement both ethnic and Western outfits. Make sure to include a pair of nude pumps in your collection, as they are currently trending and can be paired with any outfit. You can choose from a wide range of options like nude pumps that offer you a contemporary look. On the other hand, you can go for bright colors to provide a flattering and elongated effect to your outfit. They are a must-have for any bride seeking to make a stylish statement on her special day.

Final Words! 

In conclusion, as a bride preparing her bridal trousseau, it’s essential to consider the inclusion of various footwear options to complement different outfits and occasions. From elegant wedding jutti pairs to versatile sandals, the right footwear can enhance the overall look and feel of each ensemble. By carefully selecting a range of footwear styles, a bride can ensure that she is well-prepared for every event. Specifically, the ones leading up to and following her wedding day. With the right footwear in her trousseau, a bride can step into each moment with confidence and grace, knowing that she has the perfect pair for every occasion.