5 Reasons to Choose Flutter App Development for Your Business


5 Reasons Why Flutter Should Be Your Go-To Framework for Cross-Platform Apps

Let’s keep Flutter & cross-platform apps aside for a while! 

Just imagine your life without a mobile for a minimum of half an hour, to say the least!

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

This is how smartphones have become an integral part of everybody’s lives!

If you’re a business owner, now is the right time to engage your audience and reap abundant benefits with the help of “Mobile Apps”!

It comes as no surprise that app stores (both Android & iOS) are bombarded with more than 5.5 million apps! 

And if you don’t have a business app, you’re progressively losing out with each passing day!

But coming back to our topic, the question is still intact- Why choose Flutter for cross-platform app development?

Before we explore the benefits, let’s understand what is “Flutter” & why it’s gaining so much attention! 

Flutter: What is it all About?

Developed by Google, Flutter is a popular cross-platform app development framework that allows developers to build robust, feature-rich, and scalable mobile apps across iOS & Android apps. Backed by the Dart programming language, the Flutter framework helps in building attractive user interfaces and fast apps. This open-source app development framework comes with pre-defined widgets and versatile building blocks that can help simplify UIs and make them user-friendly to foster seamless experiences. 

Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at the promising facts and statistics regarding Flutter app development.


  • More than 1 million apps on the Play Store were built using Flutter. 
  • Nearly, 50% of developers preferred Flutter for their mobile app development. 
  • As per the projection, Flutter’s market share will reach 14% by the end of 2024.


Fuelled by a single codebase, developers don’t need to write multiple codes for different platforms. It allows experts to build apps using one codebase for both iOS & Android. 

Since it renders a C++ rendering engine, the graphics of the app are likely to surpass the users’ expectations, thereby making your app visually appealing. Whether you are a small business or a giant corporation looking to attract a target audience, Flutter app development is incredibly necessary to make 

Speaking of its popularity, Flutter has garnered nearly 160k stars on GitHub as per the reports from January 2024. 

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Flutter App Development for Your Business

Flutter, as you already know, has gained a robust market foothold due to its wide range of features. If you are still in a dilemma about whether to choose it or not, these 5 advantages will make you think twice. 

Benefit #1: Native-Like Performance 

The key benefit of Flutter is that it is pre-equipped with the latest components and attractive widgets that easily create the Native look and feel of an app. No matter whether you want to build a progressive web app or a hybrid app, Flutter is an ideal choice for cross-platform app development. Since it uses a performance-oriented rendering engine, Skia, you can expect smooth scrolling, animations, and up-to-the-par performance of the app while offering a Native-like experience to the users. 

Note: Flutter apps are compiled directly into the native code which ultimately eliminates the need for code interpretation steps. 

Benefit #2: Single Codebase

There is no denying that Flutter is backed by a single codebase, which means developers can create multiple apps for both iOS & Android platforms using the same line of code. Not only does it help in saving significant time without writing different codes for different OS but it also helps in saving substantial upfront costs. With Flutter app development, you can simply a lot of your time and money. Furthermore, when it comes to updating the app with the latest UI or feature, developers simply need to update the code once and their app will be updated. 

Benefit #3: Range of Widgets 

No matter what business you’re in, your customer always wants your business app to load quickly without waiting. Well, this is where the importance of Flutter comes in! Widgets play an incredible role in keeping your users engaged in the app. Since Flutter is one of the popular frameworks for app development, you can find a wide range of widgets that foster unmatched performance and incredible adaptability. From material designs to Cupertino packs, select from an extensive range to facilitate an intuitive experience for your audience. 

Benefit #4: Robust & Growing Community 

One of the key benefits of Flutter is that it has a strong and thriving community which makes it an ideal framework for cross-platform app development. No matter what kind of assistance developers need, there’s a wide range of assistance in the form of documents, tutorials, and videos available on platforms like Stack Overflow, Flutter Awesome, Flutter Subreddit, and Google Groups.  It is no secret that it has excellent documentation which serves as a “tool” to help developers in finishing tasks. 

Benefit #5: Enhanced App Scalability 

Last but not least, scalability plays an important role in the growth of an app. Backed by Google’s Firebase on the backend, developers can expect enhanced scalability of the app, leaving no stone unturned. Furthermore, the best aspect about Firebase is that it offers real-time database updates which ensures hassle-free synchronization of data among clients. 

With such an extended Firebase designed specifically for the backend, developers can incorporate novel features for an evolving audience. 

Key Takeaways 

So, there you have it! It is visible from the fact that Flutter app development has multiple business benefits! 

Remember that Flutter is a versatile framework that can help build both web and mobile apps. Thus, one must consider a list of factors in both aspects, including the complexity of the app, platform requirements, type of app, and a lot more. 

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