14 Romantic Yet Cheap Things to Do in Dublin City Centre for Valentine’s Day


It’s February and you know what that means — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s that time of the year when flowers, chocolates, and plushies sell like pancakes, and restaurants swarm with couples who are madly in love. 

If you’re in Dublin, Ireland, you’ll be treated to a wide array of romantic things to do with your beloved, from traditional romantic dinners to modern cultural events. The best part is, that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day for free or cheap. 

If you’re a practical couple looking to celebrate the season of love without emptying your pockets, Ireland’s capital city is not only rich in history and culture but also boasts numerous budget-friendly yet unique date options. Here’s a guide to enjoying Valentine’s Day in Dublin without breaking the bank.

Scenic, Romantic Walks

1. Stroll through St. Stephen’s Green

Take a romantic walk through St. Stephen’s Green, a lush and picturesque park in the heart of Dublin. Enjoy the park’s manicured pathways, winding through the park, as well as the vibrant flower beds, and its large pond. Pack a picnic with your favorite snacks and enjoy each other’s company surrounded by nature. The park’s manicured pathways winding through the park make it a popular spot for strolls and picnics.

2. Spot Phoenix Park’s Resident Deer

Phoenix Park, one of Europe’s largest enclosed parks, offers a chance to enjoy nature and wildlife without spending a dime. Take a leisurely stroll through the park, and if you’re lucky, you might spot the resident deer herds. This tranquil setting provides a romantic escape for couples seeking a low-key Valentine’s Day.

3. Catch the sunset at Ha’penny Bridge

As the day transitions into the evening, head to the iconic Ha’penny Bridge to catch the sunset spectacle over River Liffey. You may also seal your love by attaching a padlock to the Ha’penny Bridge, a symbol of love in Dublin. Bring your own lock or purchase an affordable one nearby. It’s a sweet and symbolic gesture that won’t cost much but will leave a lasting memory of your Valentine’s Day celebration.

4. Enjoy Dublin’s lively streetscape and performances

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Grafton Street, where talented street performers entertain passersby. Grab a cup of affordable coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the live performances. It’s a simple yet lively way to spend time together, surrounded by the energy of Dublin’s city centre.

Romantic Meals on a Budget


5. Have an intimate date in your hotel

Nothing beats home-cooked food, especially when prepared with love. If you hate mingling with crowds, you can set up an intimate dinner in your hotel room. It doesn’t have to be a fancy hotel — with a little creativity, even a budget hotel in Dublin can be a romantic haven. 

Find an affordable hotel with a view, perhaps a balcony or a large window. Order a gourmet takeaway or cook your own (if your hotel comes with a fully-equipped kitchen). Finish it off with some candles, roses, and favourite music to set the mood. 

6. Enjoy a romantic brunch

Who says dinner is the only time to enjoy a romantic meal for two? Romantic dinners are a popular way to celebrate V-Day, with restaurants offering themed menus and intimate ambiance. However, they tend to be more expensive. 

To enjoy a Valentine-worthy meal without breaking the bank, try to time your meals off-peak. Have a satisfying brunch followed by a coffee shop date in the afternoon. For booze, hunt for Dublin’s happy hour offers. 

7. Skip candlelit dinners and have a picnic

Dublin’s green spaces and scenic public attractions make a perfect base for a picnic. Take a quick trip to the farmer’s market for supplies and tasty, travel-friendly meals like sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and gourmet cheeses. You can also level up your date by creating a charcuterie board, paired with your favourite bottle of wine. 

Here are some of the charming spots to spread out your blanket and have a delightful al fresco date: 

  • St. Stephen’s Green
  • Merrion Square 
  • Dubh Linn Gardens
  • Ranelagh Gardens
  • Iveagh Gardens
  • St. Patrick’s Park

Art and Culture Date Ideas

8. Visit the National Gallery of Ireland

Immerse yourselves in the world of art at the National Gallery, showcasing Irish and international masterpieces. Admission is free, making it an excellent choice for couples who appreciate art and culture. Wander through the impressive collection of European paintings and sculptures, and let the beauty of art spark conversations and connections between you and your loved one.

9. Browse the Chester Beatty Library

This treasure trove of manuscripts and artifacts from around the world is free to enter. Explore ancient Egyptian papyri, Chinese jade carvings, and European illuminated manuscripts for a unique cultural date.

10. Visit the Irish Traditional Music Archive

Listen to the captivating sounds of Irish folk music at the Irish Traditional Music Archive. Browse their extensive collection of recordings, catch a free live performance, and tap your feet into the lively tunes.

Budget-friendly ways to learn more about history

11. Take a self-guided literary pub crawl

Dublin has a rich literary heritage, and many famous authors have frequented its pubs. Follow in their footsteps with a self-guided pub crawl, visiting establishments like Trinity College Bar, frequented by James Joyce, and Mulligan’s, a favorite of Brendan Behan. Enjoy a drink (not free, but part of the experience!) and soak up the literary atmosphere.

12. Unearth history at Kilmainham Gaol

This eerie, yet fascinating, former prison offers free guided tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Get your adrenaline pumping with ghost stories and historical accounts of this chilling landmark.

13. Uncover Viking Dublin

Dublin was founded by Vikings in the 9th century, and their legacy is still visible today. Explore the Dublinia Viking Visitor Centre to learn about their way of life, see replica Viking ships, and even try your hand at some traditional crafts. 

While the center itself has an entrance fee, you can wander around the surrounding Wood Quay area for free, imagining the bustling Viking port it once was.

14. Wander through Dublin Castle

This imposing structure has served as a fortress, prison, treasury, and seat of English rule for centuries. While guided tours cost a fee, you can explore the atmospheric grounds for free. Wander the cobbled squares, admire the castle’s striking exterior, and relax in the intricate Dubh Linn Garden.

From scenic parks to cultural attractions and charming markets, there’s no shortage of affordable options to celebrate the season of love. So, ditch the extravagant plans and embrace the simplicity and charm of Dublin for a memorable and pocket-friendly Valentine’s Day celebration.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a foodie and travel buff who enjoys writing articles about travel and money-saving. Aside from sharing travel hacks, she spends most of her time playing the piano and guitar. If you want to know more about budget travel and affordable hotel alternatives, visit DCU Rooms.