What is a Good Mission and Vision Statement?

Different Planets in Taurus Sign
Different Planets in Taurus Sign

A good mission statement should reflect your company’s core values and what you want your business to become.  It should also inspire your employees and customers to reach their full potential by working towards a common goal. A vision statement, on the other hand, is more long-term in nature and aims to define the company’s goals and objectives. It may not be as straightforward or action-oriented as a mission statement, but it should still have a clear meaning that is understood and conveyed to all members of the organization. This is the major difference between vision and mission statement.

Creating a Good Vision Statement

Get Input From Many Different People

The best way to come up with a strong vision statement is to get input from many different people. This can include your employees, board of directors, and other stakeholders who are involved in your work. Start by interviewing them, then conducting focus groups and holding workshops to gather feedback from employees as a whole.

Hold Interviews With People in Leadership Positions

You can also hold interviews with people in leadership positions, such as local politicians and hospital staff. This will help you gain a better understanding of how the issues you’re trying to address are impacting your community.

Get Feedback From a Wide Range of People

For example, you might ask a group of healthcare providers to discuss the needs of your patients, or ask teachers to describe how students could benefit from your programs. Getting feedback from a wide range of people will help you develop a statement that feels both relatable and inspiring to your key stakeholders.

Creating a Good Mission Statement
Research Your Target Audience

Creating a strong mission statement starts with brainstorming and researching your target audience. It’s important to find out what makes your target audience tick. This includes their interests and passions, what they consider to be important, and what kind of work they do.

Write Down a List of Possible Themes

Next, write down a list of possible themes that you could incorporate into your mission statement. This can be a rough draft, but it should have several ideas that you could use to shape your mission statement into something more concise and meaningful.

Look at Examples From Other Companies

If you’re unsure about what your theme is, look at examples from other companies. For instance, Amazon has a great mission statement that emphasizes customer service and low prices. This makes the company easy to relate to and shows that they’re committed to serving millions of people around the world.

A good vision statement is a strong document that is easy to read and understand. It should be broad enough to cover a range of audiences and sectors. It should also be rooted in the real world, not industry jargon.