The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Garage Doors


Choosing a new garage door can be confusing. Markets offer various products with unique features and materials at varying prices. It is also essential to take care when choosing a garage door as it is a long-term investment. As an excellent way to add style, functionality, and value to your home, new garage doors can also significantly increase the value of your home.

Additionally, there are various garage doors based on materials, openers, insulation values, and the actual shape and size of the door so that garage doors can be simple or ornate. Here are some ideas for your home that you can learn from this blog post. 

This list of popular garage door styles helps you to find the right door for your needs and budget.

  1. Garage Sectional
  2. Rope and Barn Garage
  3. Garage in the Swing
  4. A garage that opens up
  5. Rough-Top Garage
  6. Garage with two layers
  7. Garage Pivot
  8. The garage door window
  9. Door Type

  • Garage Sectional

It’s made from several pieces and slides vertically up on a track. It’s a long, narrow panel. A sectional garage door consists of more than one piece (usually two). In addition to getting these doors on the market, you can also find them at furniture stores in Hilliard. By ordering them from furniture or door suppliers, you can also get them custom-made per your choice and design. 

  • Rope and Barn Garage

An automatic garage door lifts from the ground and drops like a barn or large shed door into the ceiling. Moreover, they have horizontal rollers that allow it to roll up to the top of the garage. Many garage doors feature large openings for large trucks or farm equipment.

  • Swing Garage

With hinges on the top of the garage door, you can open the top half like an overhead garage door. This traditional and classic idea of garage doors is referred to as “swing garage”.

  • A garage that opens up

The entire top of the garage door can’t swing horizontally as with an overhead garage door, so hinges are placed along the bottom to enable this.

  • Rough-Top Garage

An overhead track moves it forward, and on one side of the opening, to open a garage door, it folds back on itself vertically. With its fold-up feature, you can raise just 2/3 or 3/4 of your garage ceiling height while still being able to access your doorway completely in tight spaces.

  • Garage with two layers

Adding insulation and glass behind the first layer, you can create a more energy-efficient garage with a double-layer steel garage door. Further, mineral wool is often used for insulation and environmentally friendly materials like recycled denim.

  • Garage Pivot

An ideal garage door design is one in which both sides swing open from a central point. To make this possible, hinges are mounted on the top and bottom of each side of the garage door. 

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Consider the case of having two double-wide doors instead of just one large door. Having two pivot doors can accomplish this for a fraction of the price. If you have only one doorway that is the width of one car (and your car doors can open up to 90 degrees), you can get a pivot door that swings around the doorway to provide full access at all times.

  • The garage door window

When you have a garage door with glass, you can let in natural light while also seeing if someone has parked in your driveway or yard. Therefore, sectional garage doors with windows often work well as opera-style doors.

  • Door Type

There are many styles of garage doors depending on the materials used (steel, wood, aluminum), window placement, decorative hardware, etc. Garage door styles vary from one another.

If you are still looking for what you want in the market, you can order them from furniture stores in Hilliard. Some suppliers can make them according to your specifications.

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Each garage door style is described, along with its features and benefits. Purchasing a new garage door requires a lot of research, and this guide is invaluable to those looking for guidance. Among the popular options for garage doors are roll-up doors, pivot doors, double skins, and glass doors. It will also make entering your garage easier with just a single click.

After reading this comprehensive overview, you can make an informed decision. Additionally, it gives helpful advice on choosing the best garage door for your budget and needs.