Top 14 Live Streaming Apps For Growing Your Business

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In today’s technological time, businesses going into the virtual way, and live streaming apps have become gain more popular. Whenever you host a live event or try to engage with your team members by hosting an arrangement you can try out these 14 apps for your business development.

1. Streamlabs

With this mobile app, you can set up your live stream through social media like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch, also you can set up a live stream within a minute and stream it multiple options while you are using the custom mobile theme. It is available on Android and IOS.

2. Facebook Live

It is one of the most popular applications since it’s incredibly convenient and you can host a live stream. It is available on Dekstop mode IOS and Android.

3. Youtube Live

It is another greatest popular option, including speeches, talks, and even Youtube business streams. It is also available in Dekstop mode, Android, and IOS.

4. Ustream

It is also known as IBM cloud video and it is great for your business-related live stream videos. You can host an event including AL-generated captions and real-time analytics. It is available in Desktop mode, IOS, and Android.

5. 9anime app

It is a top-ranking feature that provides you with safe use, and communication important for the visitors. 9anime app also provides a free service that makes suitable and correct content for everyone. The app delivers the highest-quality material and also strong coverage for the users. It is a very helpful app for your business development step.

6. Brightcove

For business professionals who are looking for a more advanced video streaming platform, then this is the best application, it offers live event support. It also provides multi-bitrate streaming. It is available on Dekstop, Android, and IOS.

7. Linkedin Live

If you want to stream directly on social media, this is one of the great options for you. You can stream your live quickly and easily with Linkedin. Here is the live feature of the audience engagement tool, content inspiration, and other ways that reach your audience directly. It is available on Dekstop, Android, and IOS.

8. Vimeo Live

It is a really good option for streaming your videos, and it can’t only store videos but itself also use live video streaming capability. You can use it in different kinds of events. It is available on Dekstop, Android, and IOS.

9. Notified

You can use it for webcasts and video streaming into interactive events. Also, you can run the presentation simultaneously with the life event such as picture in picture. It is available on Dekstop, Android, and IOS.

10. 6Connex

It is slightly different from some other streaming apps, it offers a more event-like experience.


It is a powerful live-streaming platform and one of the best apps because it has various features.


It might be the right option for you in a business-related streaming platform. It is similar to a Youtube event.

13. Dacast

It offers live streaming services for businesses, It includes secure video hosting, Flawless and reliable live streaming.

14. Restream

Restream such as monitoring stability, good video quality, and many other reliable streaming experiences.


Here are the top 14 lists of apps that can help you to grow your business growth, you can easily use many of them for entertainment purposes to weeks in a year.