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When your kitchen cabinets are first put in place, you are amazed because they seem completely new, spotless, and shiny. 

In a short period, new kitchen cabinets have transformed into your stylish and useful buddy; they look good and offer enough storage. 

But your cabinets may begin to deteriorate due to how frequently you use them. The last thing you want is your cabinets to begin to look worn out. 

After all, kitchen cabinets are a substantial investment. Whether you buy them from any local or popular cabinet home store in Oak Creek, you want to get the most out of them.

Let’s look at our useful tips, which will greatly help you take good care of your kitchen cabinets!


The secret to keeping kitchen cabinets clean and dust-free is routine cleaning. If you don’t put this crucial maintenance chore on your schedule, it’s simple to forget about it. Plan to clean cabinet doors, drawers, and the interior and outside of the cabinets every two weeks and every six months, respectively.


Your kitchen’s center of attention is its cabinetry. Even a minor scratch can take away from the room’s charm. Selecting the right tools may prevent accidentally damaging your cabinets while you clean. To clean cabinets, use soft cloths and brushes. Avoid using abrasive sponges, scouring pads, and stiff brushes, especially ones that include metal.


Cleaning your higher cabinets first can make the process much simpler. Dust and dirt may gather on your freshly cleaned lower cabinets if you leave cleaning them till last. Using a soft cloth and little dust, you may quickly clean the tops of cabinet doors. Dust the cabinet tops if your cabinets don’t reach the ceiling. A little hand-held vacuum can make this process easier.

To clean cabinet fronts, mix warm water with dishwashing liquid or use a mild cleaner. Grease can still accumulate on your cabinets even if you always utilize your range hood when cooking. If you don’t remove it frequently, it will harden and become much more challenging. 

Before using the cloth to wipe down your cabinets, completely wring it out after dipping it in water. By using an excessively moist towel, you run the risk of causing the wood to swell and deform cabinet doors and frames.

If your cabinets are white or light-colored, you’ve undoubtedly developed the practice of removing stains as soon as you notice them. Unfortunately, it is considerably more challenging to spot a few coffee stains or a jelly spread on dark cabinetry. Use only a little force while cleaning up stains that have formed a crust. More scrubbing can help your cabinets finish.

Instead, gently wipe the spot with your cleaning cloth while submerging it in hot water. The caked-on stain will eventually be removed without harming your cabinets. Still, you may need to wet the cloth with hot water multiple times. 

Applying a paste of warm water and baking soda in equal parts may help remove extremely stubborn stains. Baking soda is a moderate, all-natural abrasive that removes various kitchen stains.


Glass-fronted cabinets need to be handled carefully. Use a delicate cloth and a small bit of glass cleaner to gently rub the interior of the glass before moving on to the outside. Avert directly spraying the cleaner onto the glass. If you do, the substance can leak into the door frame and cause the wood to deform.


Extra care must be taken with handles, grooves, and recessed edges. When cleaning small things or confined locations, a toothbrush or artist’s brush is the perfect tool. Just dunk the brush into your cleaning solution to get to those elusive areas.


Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can clean the cabinet fronts in as little as an hour, but deep cleaning takes a lot more time. Plan to work for at least a few hours.

Empty the cabinets and drawers and remove the shelf paper before the deep cleaning. The interiors of cabinets won’t be as dusty as the exteriors because they are typically only briefly exposed when a dish is taken out. However, dust and crumbs can still find their way into unexpected areas. Use the same mild cleaning solution and a soft towel to clean the interiors.

Look at open shelving. Wash the dishes you show on the shelves and clean the shelves on both sides.


We sincerely hope these kitchen maintenance suggestions will be useful, but as always, verify with the cabinet maker for their unique maintenance guidelines!

Despite your best efforts to thoroughly clean your cabinets, does your kitchen still look dated and worn out? Then it might be time to buy brand-new kitchen cabinets from Badger Cabinets, a well-known cabinet store in Oak Creek.


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