The Caltta PH600 is a high quality digital two way radio


The Caltta PH600 is a high quality digital two way radio which features a 36mm front speaker and high efficiency amplifier that provides loud and clear sound.

A 36mm speaker is smaller than a normal radio speaker and so it will not affect the look of your car. This radio also has a High Efficiency Amplifier (H.E.A) which can increase the performance of your radio.

This radio features DMR technology which allows you to transmit and receive on several channels simultaneously, even when you are Caltta PH600 using the same frequency. This means that you can share one frequency with a friend and still have plenty of room for others.

In addition to transmitting and receiving, this radio can be used for a variety of other functions, such as controlling your garage door opener, monitoring your home security system and playing your favorite music.


If you want to control the garage door opener when you are away from home, you can use the garage remote feature and set up an alert if you open the garage door. With the home security system, you can check out the status of your home alarm and arm the system if you detect unauthorized activity.


This radio can be used for more than just the garage door and security system, you can listen to your favorite radio station, too.