The Advent of Technology in the Real Estate Sector

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The fourth industrial revolution, which represents the digital age, requires changes in the different economic sectors to adjust to the technological demand of consumers and stay in the competition. This reality is not alien to the real estate market.

The implementation of technology for real estate in the sale of properties

With the need to implement technology for real estate, associations of companies such as Proptech (Property Technology) have emerged, specially dedicated to generating technological solutions for the real estate sector in order to make it more effective, affordable and suitable for current consumers.

All these companies have been developing solutions that integrate the latest technologies, such as big data, virtual and augmented reality, 3D plans and websites or platforms, in order to facilitate the activities and transactions of the real estate sector.

Technology for real estate

Technology for real estate is already a reality that improves the experience and optimizes processes in different fields of the real estate market.

The way in which properties for sale and rent are promoted to the management of marketing and sales is done today with digital media.

Big data

Thanks to the different tools that allow collecting, managing and analyzing the big data obtained on the network, high-value reports are achieved for decision-making in the different areas of real estate companies.

Thanks to the prediction of real estate market trends, you will be able to know the behavior of consumers and potential buyers, estimate real estate prices and know the time of sale of these.

Tasks such as 360 knowledge of potential clients, the design of effective marketing and sales strategies, or the analysis of the management of each real estate agent are possible with this type of technology.

Thanks to the technological programs and applications developed by Proptech-type providers, it is possible to carry out virtual and 360 tours in a few steps for the exhibition of all kinds of properties.

These digital tours often require a conventional computer and the provider’s app or program to create them.

With the URL or link of the virtual tour or 360 developed, you can give access to clients and potential buyers just by sharing it through your real estate website, social networks, WhatsApp, and even by text messages.

Real Estate Software

The digital presence of real estate companies requires the creation of computer programs that streamline and optimize different tasks in a single place.

Within these software functions are allowed for the development of real estate websites: real estate CRM for client management and real estate marketing tools that facilitate the visibility of your business and foster strategic alliances, increasing business opportunities.

Real estate software includes all these functions and that brings different benefits to your business:

  • Publication and registration of unlimited real estate with a unique identifier for each one.
  • Storage of properties with detailed descriptions of their type, location, area, distribution, etc.
  • Incorporation of audiovisual media such as videos, virtual and 360 tours and photos.
  • Georeferencing map for each registered property.
  • Documentary management of files such as contracts and invoices.
  • Option to save documents in PDF for sending or printing and Excel export of property inventory.
  • Specialized property search engine.
  • Functions to share portfolios and publications on social networks.
  • Automatic and simultaneous publication option in different renowned real estate portals.
  • Creation of a website in a short time and with an image and personalized functions for each company and professional.
  • Special function to allow access to publications and internal communication between companies and registered professionals in order to increase visibility between businesses and promote strategic alliances that allow the exchange of the portfolio with mutual benefit.

Augmented reality, the best technology for real estate

With augmented reality, simulated interaction with real estate environments such as apartments, houses, offices and others are facilitated.

It is very useful to improve the experience in the different exhibited spaces and provide multiple possibilities of relationship with the spaces in an agile and entertaining way.

3D plans

Through specialized software, plans can be designed for the execution of real estate projects, which can go from the construction phase to decoration and remodeling.

All with the purpose of selling different real estate products and services with project results, which facilitate the decision-making of clients and buyers, in addition to increasing their level of satisfaction.


Technology for real estate is a market that needs to stay in the competition. To solve this requirement, there are companies such as those that makeup Proptech, dedicated to the development of apps, software, and different digital tools that optimize, facilitate and evolve the entire real estate industry.

These companies dedicated to immersing real estate businesses in the new era present different solutions that are widely used by the players in the industry, among which real estate software, virtual and 360 tours, augmented reality, Big Data, and 3D plans stand out.

Brody Broker’s benchmark

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