On The Other Side Of Despair


We have all heard of the saying “If you don’t cry, you don’t feel anything.” It is true. We cannot know or feel something unless we have experienced it first. For some people, their experiences of despair and loss can be so overwhelming that they cannot process these emotions and so they remain trapped in a state of emotional numbing for months or even years. The hurt and pain does not subside but accumulates within until the person reaches the point where there is no more space left to expand anymore. The trapped emotions build up to such an extent that sometimes all the accumulated hurt and pain just has to come rushing out through crying, screaming, sobbing, or any other drastic action that one could take in order to release oneself from this suffocating grip.

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For others however, there may be another way out of despair. If we are able to find faith in something greater than ourselves and trust our higher self then it will guide us towards healing instead of into further despair. These two people who were mentioned at the very beginning were two different people with two completely different stories but in the end they both found their way into healing from their despair by trusting in something greater than themselves: themselves as eternal beings on a spiritual journey that is helping them grow beyond their limiting concepts about themselves as separate individuals who eventually will die one day; or perhaps grow out of their current circumstances as well?

Book Reviews

On The Other Side Of Despair” by Ninan Cherian is a beautiful crossover between Hope and Strength in Faith.

This is a story of Kuttan, who has been through what others can’t even imagine in their worst nightmares. But, with faith, and his grandma by his side that once, vulnerable child came through.

This is a book for those who have experienced childhood trauma and sexual abuse. It is a reminder that faith can be an important part of the healing process. By believing in something bigger than yourself, you can find strength and hope in difficult times. Faith can also provide a sense of community and belonging, connecting you with those who have experienced similar struggles.

Bottom Line:

Taking steps toward healing strength in faith, you can begin to move forward and create a brighter future for yourself.