Leaflets are usually sent out in newspapers or magazines


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A leaflet is a small sheet or piece of paper which is given out by campaigners to inform the public about a particular subject. Leaflets are usually sent out in newspapers or magazines. The campaigners may write a short message on the leaflet to tell the public what it is about. Leaflets are very useful because they can be delivered in large numbers to people in a short time.

These leaflets are very effective because people are more likely to read them if they are given to them in this way. Leaflets are often leaflets sent out to make people think about a particular subject. For example, an advert against smoking may say that smoking causes cancer. It may be done to make people realize that smoking is bad for their health.

Campaigners might even hand out leaflets saying that the government has no right to tell people how to behave. The information on a leaflet must be simple and concise. If it is too long, people won’t read it.

If it doesn’t contain enough information, people will not understand it. The message on a leaflet needs to be written clearly. It is important to know the aim of the campaign before writing a leaflet. This will help you to make sure that the leaflet does the job that you want it to.


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