Kraft Box Packaging: Latest Design Trends to Follow This Year

Kraft Box Packaging

Printed Kraft boxes are still the best when it comes to packaging. Changes in the weather are wreaking havoc on Earth, so we need to take sustainable steps.

Companies have realized that using traditional materials for commercial packaging and repackaging items is directly linked to pollution and hurts the planet’s health. Because of these problems, several species are on the verge of dying out.

 Kraft is based on the science of biodegradability, which means that packaging tools can break down without giving off toxic fumes or chemicals. Kraft Box Packaging is very important for reducing pollution on Earth and giving companies green packaging options.

Custom kraft boxes are a great way to get more people to try different brands. This kind of kraft box packaging attracts customers who are aware of changes in the environment. The simplicity and versatility of this material are shown in the different styles and layouts of custom kraft boxes that clients can choose from.

 Every professional packaging company gives clients boxes that meet their specific needs according to the latest trends. Even though people have different tastes, it’s clear that the latest kraft box packaging design trends will be playful, bright, and fun.

Scrawled & Sloppy Writing Style

Kraft Box Packaging

Kraft box packaging type goes through its trends, and lately, it’s clear that handwritten or “scrawled” text is becoming more popular. Aesthetically, this trend takes us back to the basics with the look of a permanent marker, with streaks and uneven coloring, as if the product’s name was written on the can or box with ease.

The visuals have a DIY, casual look that’s different from the more polished brands that don’t have hair out of place. This is an easy way to give a product soul, make it appear hand-made, and give it a genuine feel.

Texture That Is Tactile

Brands are looking for strategies to make their packaging stand out and find that tactile textures can help them do that. Embossing and debossing, die-cuts (which make artistic holes in the packaging), and foil printing are all becoming more popular ways to add texture to packaging.

Labels and printed kraft boxes with these methods make the product seem more expensive because they look fancy and are usually associated with high-end brands.

Adding something unique to the printing process gives the viewer something to look at. It looks expensive and special.

Use Of Cartoon Characters

Cartoons have always had a charm all their own. Something about how cute they look and how they can be drawn in crazy situations gives cartoons a fun, dreamy, and childlike feel that makes you think of your childhood. Putting these cartoons on your packaging brings out their charm and can help a brand’s personality stand out.

Custom Kraft Boxes

Bright Palettes To Display The Ingredients

One of our favorite Custom Kraft Boxes design trends is decorating a kraft box with ingredients drawn in a bright and fun style. This reflects how much more people value openness, especially regarding what they put in their bodies. Not only does it catch the eye of people who want to know what’s in the product, but it can also tell which flavor or variation a product is.

 This bright, bold trend not only helps brands stand out from their competitors but also lets customers know quickly what the product is. There are two main goals of every package design.

Ecstatic Colors

People notice colors that are flashier and brighter. That’s all there is to it. Because of this, ecstatic colors will be a big trend in packaging design in 2023. Forget about being formal and use bright colors instead. This is a smart way to get people to notice your kraft box. Being bold, bright, and happy is taking over because our visual attention is more important than ever.

Kraft Boxes Wholesale

’70s Vintage Style

The style of the 1970s always stays in style for good; it just takes a break for a couple of years. In the wake of the pandemic, the warm colors and comforting, wave-like images of the 1970s are making a comeback in fashion, home decor, and even packaging design.

The style of the 1970s is a reflection of our desire for cool, calm colors and a simpler time. This style has made its way onto packaging to let people know that the item they are looking at is friendly and easy to use. This design trend makes me think of easygoing comfort and cool individuality.

Visuals of Products With A Twist

Product pictures are important in packaging design because they show what’s inside the package. But by 2023, abstract, geometric, and simple shapes will be used more and more to show how a product looks.

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The idea is that the pictures on the packaging hint at what’s inside instead of just showing the product itself—using loose or vague terms to describe a product plays with our expectations and lets us express ourselves. The result is a bunch of new product designs that stand out and have a creative twist.

Let’s Get Ready!

If we can deduce anything from the latest kraft box packaging design trends, they’re a reaction to and reflection of the times. With all of the uncertainty and turbulence of the previous year, people are Responding to positive and familiar packaging design approaches, whether for escapism, nostalgia, or finding optimism in the future.