It is a very thin stack of paper glued together


These are the most popular booklets used. This type of booklet can be printed on heavy card stock, or a light weight glossy card stock.

You can use regular staple size or larger staples. If you have a standard office stapler, this is the type of staple you will want to use.

The spiral coil and wire coil booklets are the next most popular options. The spiral coil booklets are made of many strips of paper glued together. The paper coils are wound around an axis and bound with adhesive.

The wire coil booklets are similar, except that the booklets paper coils are wrapped around a wire core. Both of these booklets are usually heavier than the saddle stitched ones. If you want something lighter, you may choose the Perfect Bound booklets.

It is a very thin stack of paper glued together. This type of booklet is usually printed on a very thin paper stock and uses smaller staples. If you have a stapler that only has one blade, you may want to use this.