How To Properly Care For Sensitive Skin?


Sensitive skin can easily irritate, dry, and be prone to breakouts and rashes. However, proper care and attention make it possible to soothe and nourish sensitive skin, keeping it looking and feeling healthy. Worry not, we’ll look at some tips and tricks for adequately caring for sensitive skin so you can feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

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Understanding Your Skin 

The first thing that you need to do is to understand your skin type. This will help you determine how you should take care of it. The best kind of skin care products for sensitive skin is those that cater to the unique needs of your skin’s amazing chemistry and environment.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin yet find that your sensitive skin loves certain kinds of cleansers, facial moisturisers, and serums, stick with them. However, if you’re concerned that the ingredients in any skincare products might be too harsh for your skin, then it’s better to find products designed specifically to suit sensitive skin.

Look For Gentle Ingredients 

The best way to ensure you’re taking good care of your sensitive skin is by choosing gentle ingredients. So they are unlikely to trigger adverse reactions or irritate the skin. Next, you need to check their pH level. Formulas with higher pH levels are more irritating and less likely to suit sensitive skin.

Gentle ingredients include natural moisturisers such as aloe vera gel and other plant-based extracts like green tea, chamomile, cucumber, papaya & avocado. Also, good selections include no-salt moisturisers, soothing oils, light exfoliants, and with mild essential oils.

Look For Natural Ingredients 

However harsh the ingredients are, ensure they are natural instead of artificial. That way, you can ensure that your sensitive skin will be better cared for. Some common artificial ingredients to avoid include certain synthetic detergents and chemical cleansers containing sulphates believed to be bad for sensitive skin.

Tips for cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and protecting sensitive skin

You should find the right products to care for your sensitive skin effectively. First, you need to select skincare products that are suitable for your skin type to start with. These include cleansers, face masks and moisturisers, and make-up products if you choose to wear them.

Some tips on how to properly cleanse and look after your skin:

  1. Choose a gentle cleanser. Many believe that only harsh chemicals should be used in cleansing, but this is not necessarily true.
  2. Just like your skin, cleansers are not all the same. There are many different options, so you should find out which suits you best.
  3. Exfoliate once a week. Exfoliation is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and toxins, leaving your skin smoother and more radiant. It can also help to prevent dry patches and flaky patches of skin on your face.
  4. Use a gentle face wash. Avoid using soap on your face because your skin may become dry. Instead, opt for a mild liquid or gel cleanser formulated especially for sensitive skin.
  5. Remember moisturising. It is best to use moisturiser after washing it with a cleanser because this will seal in the moisture and create a barrier to prevent further moisture loss. Also, avoid products that contain alcohol or perfume, both of which can irritate sensitive skin.

Skincare Routine 

When choosing a skincare routine for sensitive skin, start with a good cleanser suited to your skin type. The best cleaners are gentle on the skin and do not contain harsh chemicals. For example, avoid products which contain sulphates, as these can damage your skin.

It would help if you also used a good moisturiser daily, as this helps to keep your face hydrated and well-protected from outside elements. Finally, use sunblock daily when you go out into the sun.

Make sure to follow the steps in your skincare routine:

  1. Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells.
  2. Wash your face with a cleanser twice or three times per day to remove dirt and other debris from your skin.
  3. Use moisturiser to lock in moisture and protect your face from drying out.
  4. Apply sunblock with an SPF of at least 30, preferably 45 or higher during the day, before you go out into the sun for extended periods, such as when going on a trip or driving long distances in the car.
  5. Use moisturiser or sunblock with an SPF at night before bed.

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Below are some products you should avoid if you have sensitive skin:

  1. Avoid products that contain alcohol or perfume, as these can irritate sensitive skin.
  2. Watch out for ingredients that could cause allergic reactions, such as fragrances, lanolin and parabens.
  3. Pay attention to the product’s pH level to ensure it does not hurt your skin.

Take Professional Care 

It’s best to see a specialist who can provide proper advice and treatment. In addition, a skincare professional can help you identify the best products and tips for effectively taking care of your sensitive skin. Therefore, make sure you book an appointment with a facial specialist in your area or near your residence.

You will be able to understand your skin type better and get the supplies suited for it. This will allow you to take good care of your skin to look radiant and healthy. It will also allow you to maintain a healthier lifestyle by avoiding skin-damaging products.

Good Skin Care

Relax. Don’t stress over your sensitive skin or act like it doesn’t exist. You may feel irritated, but this is normal. Even a top skin specialist would recommend you to take less stress as it hurts your skin. 


Properly caring for sensitive skin requires a bit more attention and care than other skin types, but with the right approach, you can soothe and nourish your skin, keeping it looking and feeling healthy. Remember to use gentle, fragrance-free products, avoid harsh ingredients, and protect your skin from the sun. 

With patience and perseverance, you can take control of your sensitive skin and feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Further, you can visit a skin specialist in Dubai for a skin consultation. If you want an instant and natural skin treatment, contact VLCC International.