How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Bathroom

getting rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies in the bathroom can be caught and eliminated using fly traps. It looks like a sticky, glued substance that catches the flies and stops them from escaping and flying around the bathroom because they are stuck to the gluey pad. It is best to place the traps near the areas where the fruit flies always show up like the sinks, drains, and showers.

Fruit flies may refer to the following:

  • Drosophilidae – a family of small flies, this is also known as the common fruit fly and Asian fruit fly
  • Tephritidae – a family of large flies like bactrocera cucurbitae, bactrocera oleae, bactrocera tryoni

This method can minimize the annoyance of the flies but not totally stop them from coming back. There are some ways to do it:

Flies natural repellants

Nature’s wonders like essential oils or plant extracts generate a fragrance that these flies to find it horrid. This is less expensive and safe to use for humans. Unlike pesticides and other harsh chemicals that sometimes will give you some adverse reactions.

Mostly used natural repellents are:

1. peppermint oil

2. lavender oil

3. citrus oil

You can mix them with your spray to eliminate the fruit flies flying in your bathroom. The mist is not favorable to them.

Exhaust or drain cleaners

If the drains are always clean, these flies will not be attracted to keep flying in there. They work by preventing those larvae from growing into an adult fly, and by doing this it will reduce the number of fruit flies as time goes by. You can also put some boiling vinegar down the drain and seal it with duct tape or whatever you can use. Leave it for a day or so and the remaining fruit flies and gnat will stick to the tape and die.

Cleaning frequently

Cleaning is the key and essential way to stop these flies from living in your bathroom. They do not have the right to share the bathroom with you, so deep cleaning regularly will do the job of preventing them from coming back. Scrubbing down the areas that attract the flies and putting some baking soda and vinegar will create an atmosphere that is unlikeable to the fruit flies. Keeping these flies’ favorite areas clean and dry will reduce the population of fruit flies in your house.

Now you will ask, Why are there fruit flies in our bathroom?

Some organic materials that are left unclean on your bathroom tiles, vanity, side, or behind the toilet can attract flies. The flies prefer warm and moist places like the bathroom, sinks and drains. Some sewer gnats are mistaken as fruit flies in your bathroom too. But whatever they are, they should not be in the bathroom, not welcome at all!

Do fruit flies bite or make you ill?

 Fruit flies don’t bite or make you sick, but they are just a nuisance. They produce fast and spread out of control. And thinking that they are from down your drain or inside your sewer pipe it is going to be a big YUCK! No one likes them to be flying around while you are enjoying your shower or inside your bathtub. Just imagine theyre flying on your face while your eyes are closed. Creepy! They are not welcome and they will never be, so better get rid of them before they escalate and cause more trouble.

The plumbers can install a trap for you. Residential plumber experts know a number of ways to eliminate the fruit fly for good. They are very particular and keep the job on top of everything if any possible fly infestations occur. For any plumbing issues in your house, they are qualified professionals. So, why wait, give them a call and save yourself from the hassle.