How to draw musical notes

How to draw musical notes

Melodic notes are various kinds of images meaning explicit melodic sounds. Notes address both the pitch and length of a sound in melodic documentation.

Assuming you are energetic about music, it is fundamental that you figure out how to draw melodic notes.

Luckily, we’ve made a bit-by-bit instructional exercise on the most proficient method to draw melodic notes, summed up in 9 speedy and straightforward tasks—an eighth note and a high-pitch clef individually.

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Stage 1:

Begin by drawing the principal melodic image, which is the shaft note. A pillar note is two eighth sequential notes consolidated into a solitary image.

Begin by defining equal askew boundaries on the left half of your paper. Then define an upward boundary at the two finishes of the equal slanting line. Remember that all lines should be a similar length.


Draw a sideways oval shape on the left half of the left upward line we attracted the past step. This structures the left eighth note image of the shaft note.

The oval shape ought to be connected straightforwardly to the lower part of the passed-on vertical line to frame an eighth note, as displayed in the representation.

Stage 3:

Rehash the last step on the right upward line. Like the last step, the side oval shape should be drawn on the left half of the upward line.

After this step, you should have two eighth notes associated, finishing the state of the principal melodic image in your drawing – the shaft note.

Stage 4:

Continuing toward the subsequent image, the eighth note underscores the pillar note. This line fills in as the stem of the eighth note.

Then, draw an inclining square shape on the upper right side straightforwardly associated with the stem. This structures the eighth note banner.

Stage 5:

To finish the eighth note, draw a sideways oval shape to the base left of the stem we attracted in the past step.

Furthermore, that is all there is to it; you have effectively drawn the second melodic image. We’re practically finished, so continue onward!

Stage 6:

We will presently chip away at the third and last melodic image of our drawing, which is the high-pitch clef.

This makes the high pitch clef stem. Recall that the lines shaping the high-pitch clef ought to be generally thicker than the lines framing the other melodic images.

Stage 7:

Define a bent boundary at the highest point of the high-pitch clef stem. Remember that the upper piece of the high-pitch clef should be pointed, as displayed in the above representation.

Stage 8:

Broaden the lines of the bent line by drawing a more significant bend on the contrary side of the lower part of the stem

The bend at the highest point of the stem ought to confront the left side, while the bend at the base should confront the right side. When drawn accurately, the bent line should nearly frame a letter “S.”

Stage 9:

Draw a twisting beginning at the base finish of the S-formed bend we attracted the past step.

      Right now, the high-pitch clef ought to now be organized entirely. Now that we’ve figured out how to draw three melodic images, it’s the ideal opportunity for the part you’ve been sitting tight for the most. In this step, we will currently add tones to the melodic images!

As you can find in the representation, we kept the shades of the melodic images very basic. We involved a yellow tone for the shaft note and a green tone for the eighth note.

Then again, the high pitch clef has no variety because the lines were solid and dark. What’s fun about this step is that you can pick a remarkable arrangement of varieties and various music images in some way you like!

You might make them diverse, assuming you wish; it depends on you! Have a great time playing with tones, and make melodic notes dynamic and beautiful! Attract melodic notes in 9 stages.

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