How to Draw Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear Drawing

How to Draw Freddy Fazbear. Five Evenings At Freddy’s is one of the multiple famous horror plays in recent years and has scared people worldwide.

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The main villain and the most famous character of the series is the man himself – Freddy Fazbear. Although he likes to scare people, he still has many fans who love trying to learn how to draw Freddy Fazbear. If you’re one of those fans, this is your guide!

How to Draw Freddy Fazbear

Step 1

In this step of our guide to drawing Freddy Fazbear, we’ll start with the head. You can start by tautening the small hat on his head, which We can draw with curved lines.

This makes his head quite round and bulky, allowing even more curved lines to be drawn.

So it will have a nose that has a three-piece snout underneath. Then his ears are drawn as two rounded shapes with small circles inside.

The ears are connected to the head with small thin lines. That’s all for this step, and now we’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

Now that the outline of the head is done, we can draw some facial facts in this part of your Freddy Fazbear illustration.

First, you can tense his eyes, which are produced up of rather small circles with dots inside. Then you can draw her bushy eyebrows with some curved rectangle shapes.

So you can finish this step by adding some dots on her cheeks and then drawing some jagged teeth in her mouth.

Step 3

Now that the head is ready, we can start with his body in this step of our how-to-draw Freddy Fazbear guide. First, you can pull a small fly under his head.

Then his hand will hold a microphone next to his head, which will be attached to his arm.

The arm will consist of just a few sections, and this will serve to show off its robotic nature. Finally, his body is drawn as a large rounded rectangular shape to which his head and arm will be attached.

We’ll draw more of her body parts in the next few steps, so let’s get started!

Step 4

It’s time to draw the double component for Freddy Fazbear’s drawing in this step.

It will look identical in design to the other arm you drew, with the main difference being that it won’t be holding anything this time.

Step 5

As mentioned, Freddy Fazbear is an animatronic robot, and that’s most evident in his limbs. We have already seen him in his arms, and the same goes for his legs, with which we will start in this stage of our focus on how to draw Freddy Fazbear.

The foremost team will be his abdomen, which will attach straight to his chest. Their choice then is some pins attached to her waist, which we will draw with short lines leading to her cylindrical thighs.

Finally, smaller lines for more pins are at the base of those thighs. These will be attached to the lower legs in the next step, so let’s get to the final details!

Step 6

It’s about time to add some color to this Freddy Fazbear drawing, but first, we need to add some final details.

Draw Freddy Fazbear

First, we will finish her legs. You can start by adding another cylindrical section connecting to the pegs from her thighs.

This is how the legs cope with the feet. Its feet are very large, with three toes each, and each has a very thin base. Finally, we’ll finish this step by drawing a circular shape inside his belly.

That wraps up all the details in this guide, but feel free to add the finishing touches! You could draw a background to show your favorite pose in the games or draw some of Freddy’s animatronic companions.

Step 7

Enjoy adding amazing colors to your painting in the seventh and final step of your Freddy Fazbear drawing!

Freddy Fazbear Drawing

Our reference image showed you Freddy’s colors in video matches. You can employ this as a connection point to support the colors accurately, but feel free to use some of your own color choices! You might also enjoy experimenting with different artistic tools and mediums to bring this image to life.

Your Freddy Fazbear Drawing is Finished!