How do I recognize a good moving company? Different important criteria to recognize quality when movers


Moving is always a personal and individual matter. The demands on a moving company are just as an individual. The cheapest price is important to some people moving house. Other customers value the reliability of the moving company and the guarantee that the goods to be Movers London will arrive safely and undamaged at the new destination. In times of professional stress or for corporate customers, full service is often crucial

The price of the move

If you are looking for the cheapest price, you often have rather simple requirements for the move or would like to do a lot yourself. Private individuals in particular often search cheaply – and actually find a veritable abundance of providers with seemingly unbeatable discount prices. Here, of course, it depends on the individual providers what is included in the low package prices for the customer. Fixed hourly and personal quotas are often offered, with additional services being billed separately. Depending on the extent of the move, these additional services can be very important, sometimes without prior knowledge of the later final price, since the effort only becomes clear after the work has been completed. Anyone considering a “discount” provider should therefore check exactly which services are included in the offer and which services may cost extra.

A transparent offer after inspection

Would you like a transparent fixed price before the move? Then a personal site visit is almost essential. A qualified employee from a good moving company will go through your plans with you and record the volume of the move. Good companies also offer further tasks, such as furniture and kitchen assembly or sanitary installations. The realization of this work can best be discussed on site.

Planning and Advice

In some points above, the consultation has already sounded through. This starts with the personal inspection on site and ends with the handover of the new residence or location.
Good advice and planning: What is an absolute necessity for company moves with many workplaces or factory buildings is also a high-quality factor for private moves. One who can determine the satisfaction of the mover and also the price. An experienced furniture mover with project experience, for example, immediately recognizes which furniture can either be completely dismantled or perhaps transported in larger parts. The project planner is also familiar with the various loading options

Details: No stopping zones and permits

Especially in big cities or in narrow streets, the approval for no-stopping zones during the move is essential. After all, the furniture vehicles should be able to park directly in front of the building. You can also apply for a permit for a no-parking zone yourself from the city administration. However, a service-oriented removal company sees this point clearly as its own task, so that the customer is relieved.
For company relocations, planning the traffic situation is a professional matter anyway. After all, there are usually several trucks in use here, as well as often external elevators or even cranes. The space requirement must be calculated precisely in advance. If the company move does not take place on the company’s own premises, the necessary permits for space closures are essential.


What if damage occurs while moving? Furniture movers are legally obliged to insure themselves and the goods being transported. With a reputable moving company, every customer is automatically protected in this respect. Additional insurance is only required in exceptional cases, for example, if particularly valuable works of art are to be transported. As a rule, however, the coverage of regular insurance for normal removal goods is sufficient. A company that only uses vans up to 3.5 tons is released from the statutory insurance obligation. This does not necessarily mean that the use of the small van would be fundamentally wrong. However, you should always check to what extent a legally required insurance cover exists within the regular price (without additional special insurance), because there are ways to circumvent the legal requirements.

Friendliness and Availability

The point of friendliness is also one of the qualities of the employees of a good company. You too will certainly appreciate it if you always meet friendly contact persons who are patiently at your side with advice and action. A nice and open discussion atmosphere should be normal. When contacting the moving company’s offices, as well as during the ongoing move. The same applies to constant availability by telephone during normal business hours: this is always the case with furniture removal companies that are close to the customer. If you have any questions or planning changes, your contact person is available.

 Packaging and Fleet

The quality criteria of a good move are literally tangible when it comes to packaging. Basically, the better the moving company, the more sophisticated the packaging solutions. In fact, there is a wide variety of highly specialized packaging that many people are often not even aware of.


The first thought goes in the direction of moving boxes of course, moving boxes are the number one packaging material for every move. Smaller and more stable objects can be well packed and transported here, for example, books or files. But there are also differences in the quality of the boxes: how stable are the boxes? And how often does a moving company change them? For reasons of environmental protection, many removal companies use cardboard several times –

A good network – the furniture forwarding company in the association

Networks are also a strong guarantee for the success of projects in the relocation industry. In the case of large Moving Companies relocations in particular, cooperation and brand communities under which individual companies have joined forces are an advantage for customers. After all, the capacities of the communities are very large, and the radius of action extends through many locations to the entire Federal Republic and far beyond overseas.