Hookah Flavors that will Enliven your Next Party


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There is no denying that shisha enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a new flavor to try at their next get-together or party. And why not? After all, amid all the activity that keeps a party going and the guests amped up, shisha is often the one thing that helps them relax.

But how do you zero down on the ideal flavor when there are so many to choose from?

You should check out some reviews and blogs to shortlist the top flavors. Keep reading to discover the most popular shisha flavors that you must not give a miss to! 

Best Shisha Flavors that you Must Try

If you want your parties and celebrations to be memorable for years to come, check out this list of the top shisha flavors from Al Fakher.

  1. Diamond Dust

Try the new “Trinity” batch, which includes the flavorful shisha Diamond Dust from Al Fakher.

If you’re looking for a unique and refreshing hookah session, go no further than this exotic blend, which features hints of citrus, fruit, and spice from Orange, raspberry, pineapple, and lime.

  1. Two Apples 

Another popular hookah flavor in the Double Apple category is Al Fakher Two Apples. Many people continue to like and appreciate this classic flavor combination of Double Apple. In deciding between this and Nakhla, it all comes down to personal preference.

Because it’s hard to get the strong taste of Al Fakher out of the stem and hose of the hookah, some hookah lounges have a particular set of pipes for customers who like to smoke Double Apples.

  1. Mint 

When shisha first came out, mint was the most common flavor, but fruity flavors came along quickly. Al Fakher is the only brand that produces genuinely authentic mint-flavored tobacco.

There’s a reason why Al Fakher Mint has become synonymous with minty shisha. You can almost smell the flavor of this best-selling product as you daydream of lazing on a beach and puffing out thick, milky clouds. Even though it’s first on our list, this is the most well-known flavor of shisha.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is an excellent choice to try something different and tasty with your shisha tobacco. This shisha will likely please even the pickiest hookah smokers because it has a great mix of fruity flavors and a superb finish.

This flavor has the best of both worlds, with a cool, refreshing texture and watermelon’s juicy, sweet taste.

Watermelon is an excellent addition to a hookah session, whether hanging out with friends or taking time for yourself.

  1. Orange

Orange shisha from Al Fakher is a favorite among hookah smokers because each puff tastes like juicy citrus and is sweet and tasty.

The smoke produced from it is delicious and dense despite the highly juicy consistency. Al Fakher worked hard to ensure that orange tobacco had a flavor profile that everyone would enjoy.

This popular taste is available in 50g and 1kg quantities. So get some of Al Fakher’s tasty Orange today and elevate your next hookah session to a new level of enjoyment!

  1. Gum 

As everyone who has ever chewed gum will attest, the company’s “Gum” flavor is one of the most well-known because it tastes exactly like gum. The gum flavor is mild and pleasant, with a hint of mint.

Inclusion on our list is warranted because gum is one of the most sought-after shisha tastes.

  1. Grape

Looking for unique and flavorful shisha tobacco for your winter hookah sessions? Element’s Water Line Grape is the way to go! Experience something new and refreshing with the zesty flavor of grapefruit.

The rich aromas and slight hints of fresh acidity in Element make it taste like fresh fruit. The end product is a refreshingly new flavor for your shisha, with just the right amount of tang to complement the sweetness.

Grapefruit is a refreshing and energizing flavor that may be enjoyed on a hookah at any time of day or night.

  1. Minty Fresh

Some of the best-selling mixes in the industry are made by Al Fakher Smooth Cream, and one of their most popular kinds has quickly moved to the top. When you inhale, it feels nice and cool; when you exhale, you can taste the rich, creamy vanilla flavor.

To all vanilla lovers: this shisha is your new fave!

  1. Super Lemon Mint 

Lemon mint shisha tobacco from Al Fakher is a top seller. When you inhale this flavor, you’ll get a tangy, zesty burst of citrus followed by a cool, minty tingle.

This lemon mint has a unique flavor without being overpowering and lacks the tobacco overtones seen in the collection’s other mints.

You’ll get the perfect mix of tangy and refreshing flavors with every inhale and exhale.

  1. Blueberry

Blueberry, one of their most well-known flavors, is perfect for first-timers because it’s mildly sweet and surprisingly refreshing. You’ll get a taste of what “fresh” tastes like with the combination of blueberries and mint. Those who have tried this unique blend of shisha tobacco will never look back.

  1. Mango

Even though this isn’t everyone’s favorite flavor, it’s still in the running. If you smoke shisha with a mango flavor, you’ll get the full taste of a ripe mango and the relaxing effects of tobacco. With its delicious sweetness and thick smoke, Mango shisha is ideal for mellow, pleasant evenings spent with friends.


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