Get a great tablet without the high price.



When shopping for a good tablet, we are presented with a wide range of options with an almost endless list of features. The goal is to convince us to buy as much as we can afford. Buying the right tablet can be difficult. Many of us believe that we cannot live without popular tablets. But there are some good points to consider. The important thing is the price. For a great portable computer We are willing to pay a reasonable price. The cheapest in these range from $ 500 to $ 1000 or more. At Starbucks we can see our friends or our neighbors or people who make us different.


Other than paying for features we will never use.


We should monitor how long we use our tablets. Most of the equipment was already old when we paid for it. Six months after the purchase (give or receive) the revised version becomes available. There are many more reasons our eyes should shell out money for an improved tablet.


While many of us use tablets for their intended purpose, Fortunately, there are options that we can do if we do not want to increase the price by hundreds.


Its compact size with an intuitive interface makes it an attractive tablet. After all, users have what they need to do on the web, check email, and consume media.


It’s important for anyone in the tablet market to know what they want and what they can be lacking.


operating system


The most important thing when looking for a tablet is the operating system (عزم). There are four basic operating systems in use.




Although the Apple operating system has been popular for many years But it only applies to Apple products. Are upgrades more limited in compatibility?


google android


It is the operating system used in most smartphones. While it sounds like Apple’s operating system, it’s not quite the same. Android is easier to use and Apple offers more customization.




Although it has a small share in the tablet market. Despite the fact that the operating system is fully compatible with the Windows operating system used in desktop and laptop computers, Windows provides easy transfer for those using it as a portable computer.


black plum


Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has developed its own Edge version for tablet computers: the BlackBerry Tablet Deteration. This tablet is fully compatible with BlackBerry mobile phones, making it a complete complementary tablet. Designed for BlackBerry phone users




Tablets range in size from 1 GB to 500 GB internally, although more memory is better. But if you are on a tight budget and may not need extra memory. A tablet expandable up to 32 GB with a memory card can meet most needs.


Screen size and resolution


5″ to 12″ Small tablets are essentially big smartphones. Larger tablets have more screen sizes. make it too big for a pocket or purse Medium-sized tablets (7 to 8 inches) mean a compromise between portability and large enough to display an entire book. the higher the resolution The sharper the picture will be.


wireless connection


All tablets have some wireless capability. This usually includes Wi-Fi capability. However, there are two versions of Wi-Fi. Some tablets only support the 802.11b/z specification for streaming heavy video and downloading large objects. This might not be enough. If those activities are part of the purpose of use. Your best bet is to buy a tablet that is 0802.11n compliant, providing the most flawless Wi-Fi connection possible. Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio waves.




Most tablets come with one or two cameras. There are two, one being the tablet’s camera and the other being the front camera. Notice where your device’s rear or front camera is.