Choosing a Two Head Embroidery Machine


The best sewing embroidery machine combo are a great investment for anyone interested in creating and displaying their work, but it is important to choose a machine that is suitable for your needs. Two-head embroidery machines offer great functionality, are simple to use, and are very durable.

Ricoma MT Series

The Ricoma MT Series two head embroidery machine is an ideal option for home embroidery. It is a user-friendly machine that offers many great features. The MT Series’ advanced network technology allows it to connect to as many machines as you need.

The MT Series features an 8-inch LCD touch screen with true-colour LCD. This allows you to upload your designs and customize them. The machine also has a smaller sewing arm, making it easier to embroider in hard-to-embroider areas.

One of the main features of the MT Series is its ability to simultaneously embroider multiple designs. It also has a 150W servomotor, which is the industry’s lowest power consumption.

You can purchase the MT-1501 embroidery machine for just under $13,000. This machine can stitch at a speed of 1,200 stitches per hour. It also features tread break detection and dual LED lights. Plus, it comes with an exclusive online support group.

The MT-1502 is another popular model in the Ricoma embroidery machines line. It is a commercial embroidery machine. This dual-headed model is ideal for large and small orders. It can also be used to embroider flats and finished garments.

The MT-1502 also has an open area framework. This machine is compact in size and easy to use. It offers unlimited support for seven days and free training.

If you are looking for a commercial embroidery machine that is easy to use and manage, you may want to consider the Ricoma MT-1502. Not only will it allow you to embroider large orders, it will also manage them reliably. It is equipped with a 150W servo motor, adjustable fingerprint sensor, and right-hand thumb use.

Melco EMT16X

Melco EMT16X is a multihead embroidery machine that can handle any job. You can add machines to the system as your business grows. Melco embroidery machines are well-known for their high efficiency, quality, performance, and reliability.

The Melco EMT16X, the latest innovation in the industry is for commercial embroidery applications. This computerized embroidery machine provides exceptional efficiency, reliability, and quality. With its innovative features, the Melco EMT16X is the ideal embroidery machine for high output applications.

The Melco EMT16X can embroider caps and polo shirts or jacket backs. Its new lower arm assembly is the perfect combination of precision and flexibility.

Production managers can simultaneously produce multiple embroidery designs using the Melco Operating system. This modular system allows for quick turnarounds and mass personalization. Look out more at

The Acti-FeedTM Thread System delivers a precise amount of thread to each needle, resulting in the fastest speeds possible. This system is controlled by the MOS operating system, which results in consistent quality and precise thread placement.

The automatic thread tension system keeps the needle moving at the right speed while you are actually sewing. Instead of having to re-program, you can have the embroidery machine automatically reposition itself behind the needle, which helps you avoid thread issues.

The Melco EMT16X’s self-sharpening carbide blade is designed to cut thick Burmilana thread with ease. Combined with a small cylindrical lower arm, this allows the machine to sew on a variety of products at a high speed.

It’s never been easier to embroider on a variety of items. The Melco embroidery machine is simple and durable, and virtually maintenance-free.


When you’re ready to invest in a new embroidery machine, you want to make sure you choose a model that will be able to handle the task. The Texi 1502 TS PREMIUM LC SET is a dual-head, 15-needle embroidery machine that’s perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials.

It can also sew at a speed of 1.200 stitches per minute. If you’re not quite ready to purchase a machine just yet, consider using a single-head embroidery machine for your initial embroidery projects. This will allow you to save space and still have a lot of design options.

If you’re looking for a high-quality embroidery machine that can help you grow your business, a two-head machine may be the right option for you. You can add more machines to your production line as you grow. You can even save time by having several machines connected through a network cable.

The Texi 1502 TS PREMIUMLC SET can be used with SCHMETZ needles, so you’ll be able to sew on a wide variety of materials. Moreover, it features a stabilizing table and an additional head for sewing tape. These elements make embroidery easy on bulky and ready-to-wear garments.

An online support group can help you with your embroidery machine learning. For the life of your machine, you’ll receive unlimited support for 7 days and free training. Regardless of how complex your embroidery design is, you’ll be able to take advantage of the help that’s available.

You need to keep your embroidery machine clean and clear. That’s where the Texi 1502 TS PREMIUMLC Set’s built-in cleaning system comes in handy.


CamFive is an embroidery machine that is relatively new to the US market. Although it is seen more in internet-only shopping sites, it does offer some of the same features as professional embroidery machines.

CamFive embroidery machines feature a cap option and a generous LCD screen. They also have on-board lettering. They also have emergency stop buttons, area limit sensors, electronic break detection, and electronic break detection. This makes it a good choice for personalization and small business.

The downside to this model is the lack of comprehensive training materials. It also lacks a cap frame driver. To fix this, a user can replace the needles with their hands or the needle nose pliers.

A business owner must consider both the price and the quality when choosing an embroidery machine. A poor product can have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line. Therefore, it is important to invest in a machine that has the features and durability to keep up with your growing demands.

A test run is a great way to see how the machine performs. A motion test will help you confirm that the design is correctly mounted on the hoop and that it doesn’t damage the frame or fabric.

Like any other type of equipment, ease-of-use is a key consideration. It is not worth paying for a machine that is difficult or expensive to use and maintain. Plus, bad performance can result in triple the job completion time.

Before purchasing a CAMFive embroidery machine, it is essential to study its specifications and read its manual. The performance of an embroidery machine can have a significant impact on your company’s profitability.


The two head rainbow embroidery machine is the latest rage. It has a number of features that are likely to make any home or small factory owner drool. However, there are some things you need to know about the machine. It is a powerful stitcher. The machine’s servo motor drives it. As a result, the machine’s efficiency is double that of the single head embroidery machine. The RBE4050B12’s unique design makes the machine one-of-a-kind.

For example, the RBE4050-B12 has a few patents to its name. It’s also got an enviable warranty. The machine also comes with a free kit, which includes needles and a Bobbin as well as a hoop.