Building a Multi-service App for Travelers in Your Country


The on-demand economy has come with a ton of things that have made life easier for all, including travelers. Gone are the days when travelers had to think of getting tour guides, searching for hotels, finding city attractions, etc., months ahead for their tour! With on-demand apps like Uber and Gojek, things have become simpler, as everything can be booked right at your fingertips.

For instance, anyone traveling from the USA to the United Kingdom can download a renowned super app that offers services for transportation, tour guide hiring, or food delivery. In short, with a single app, they will be able to get every assistance they need within minutes, right at their current location! 

If you are thinking of building an all-comprehensive app, then this blog is just the right place to find ideas for your next project.

Let’s explore the on-demand services you can integrate into your app! 

Build an All-comprehensive App for Travelers 

Take a look at all the on-demand multi-services you can incorporate into your app and help travelers in the region make the most of their visit! 

Local Food Delivery 

On-demand food delivery facilities are one of the most highly sought-after services, be it for anyone, be it a local or a traveler! Using your app, travelers will be able to browse all the restaurants and eateries near them and their online menus.

The app gives them the flexibility to order authentic cuisine, fast food, and healthy snacks right to their doorstep. In brief, it works just like Uber Eats! 

The user has to enter their address or select the geolocation facility to pin their current location. The app will automatically select it as their delivery address. Additionally, integrate advanced features like live tracking and online payments to make food ordering easier. 

Transportation Services

On-demand transportation is a must-have service when launching an all-in-one app for travelers. Take Uber, for example! The taxi app integrates essential services such as: 

  • Taxi Booking: it lets users book taxis from basic to luxury in just a few clicks, facilitating quick commutes from A to B locations within the city. 
  • Taxi Rental: travelers can rent taxis for X hours and enjoy a fully chauffeured ride while exploring the city. 
  • Airport Transfers: this service lets users book on-demand taxi rides to the airport. 

Explore City Attractions and Nearby Stores

You can have a separate section or service where people can explore everything from gyms to libraries and popular city attractions on the app. 

Here, you can also let the user browse other essential details about the store or place, such as:

  • Timing
  • Ticket fee 
  • Address 
  • A short description

Additionally, you can integrate the feature where the traveler can see the business’s or place’s location on the map. They can use this feature to navigate from their current location to the business’s location. To make the service even more game-changing, you can provide a quick option for booking a taxi! 

Tour Guide Hiring Services

Here, your users will be able to browse all the available local tour guides in their area and hire time. It works just like the TaskRabbit app! The user logs in to view a list of all the available service providers and compares their ratings, reviews, and service charges. Once they finalize the provider they wish to hire, they can simply send them a service request. 

In short, if a traveler needs a tour guide for a day or more, they can go to the app, see all the proficient tour guides, compare their profiles, and book them. You can also add the service scheduling feature to make the tour guide hiring process smoother! 

On-demand Language Translator Hiring 

You can also include a category in your app that lets users find and hire a language translator. This on-demand service is much needed in countries with higher tourism! 

Travelers will be able to browse the list of all the available translators near them. They can then select one with the best ratings, closest proximity, or a service charge within their budget.The on-demand service booking of a language translator will give them the freedom of getting last-minute assistance on their visit to a new city! 

On-demand Medical Services 

Medical emergencies can arise anywhere! Therefore, it becomes essential for you to build an app that integrates these medical services. Travelers will be able to book these services on-demand and avail quick medical help in case of emergencies.

You can add these services to your app: 

  • Doctor’s appointment booking: travelers can see a list of doctors near their location, view their profiles, and book an appointment for a visit at their clinics/hospitals. 
  • At-home doctor visits: they can also opt for at-home services by selecting their preferred doctor and choosing the ‘at user’s location’ during checkout. 
  • Booking appointments with the vets: if they are traveling with their pets, they can also book appointments with the local vets. 
  • Medicine delivery: travelers can also buy their prescribed or OTC medications online through the app and get them delivered to their doorstep. 
  • Ambulance booking: in case of emergency, travelers can also use the app to book an ambulance. 

Find Hotels 

When traveling, people wish to stay in safe, cozy, and affordable hotels. You can make these traveler’s staycations or vacations a blissful experience by offering them the service of seeing all the hotels in a single list. 

Here, they will be able to see all the hotels near them, see their correct address, and also find their contact information. Also, registering hotels can mention a short description to attract more visitors and also add photos/videos for traveler’s reference. 

To make the platform even more worthwhile, you can add the features of in-app calling or messaging the hotel. In addition, you can add a ‘navigate to the address’ option and a taxi booking feature as well! 

On-demand Errand Runner 

Since travelers are new to the place, they may not know where they can get books, desserts, or other essentials. Or, what if they forget their belongings and need someone to get them? Well, in that case, hiring an errand runner is the best option for them! 

Therefore, to help make travelers’ lives easier, you can integrate an on-demand errand-runner hiring service too! Here, they can hire a professional delivery driver who can go shopping on their behalf or get things from one location to another on the go. 

Wrapping Up

The global travel and tourism industry is flourishing. If you are pondering starting an on-demand app in your city or country and it has pretty good tourism, then opt for launching an Uber-like app for travelers. 

Incorporate all the essential on-demand services mentioned above in the app, along with advanced features, to guarantee early success. Moreover, if you want to start your business without any hiccups, turn to professional white-label app developers who can quickly launch your on-demand multi-service app

Before concluding, know that hiring professional white-label app builders will cost you less than developing the app from scratch!