An ultimate guide to the sonar system

sonar system

The Sonar, also known as sound navigation and the ranging system, is a technological system that uses sound waves to predict the speed and distance of the object. Many Natural and artificial objects use the concepts of Sonar. Students who study the concepts of sonar devices look for an all assignment help to assist them in their academic projects.

History of Sonar systems

Many different animals, such as bats, use the concept of Sonar for navigation. These animals propagate sound waves of a certain frequency, which, when reflected in their sensory organs, give them a proper understanding of the incoming objects in their path. The earliest known use of a sonar system artificially was during the 14th century, when tubes were constructed in water vessels.

The sonar system can be divided into two types.

Active Sonar: In Inactive Sonar, the device transmits the signal, which, when reflected, is received by the receiver of the Sonar system. The concept of active Sonar is used in submarines to detect any underwater anomalies which are not visible to the native eye. The medical ultrasound machines also use the same concept of Sonar which, with the help of a receiver, creates an intrinsic image of the various organs of the patient’s body.

Passive Sonar: The passive Sonar system comprises only a receiver used to detect the sound waves emitted from incoming objects. The passive Sonar systems are mostly used in military facilities and vehicles to detect incoming enemy objects such as missiles.

Factors of the performance of a Sonar System

The efficiency and effectiveness of a sonar system can be analysed using the following factors:

A. Speed: The speed of sound waves depends on the medium in which the sound waves travel. As a sound wave does not travel in a vacuum, Sonar is not used in space systems.

B. Scattering: When an active Sonar system is used in water bodies such as oceans, small objects could cause signal interference in sonar systems. The more efficient sonar systems can avoid the issue of signal interference caused due to scattering.

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