An Important Conversation About Ugly Characters from Cartoons

Ugly Cartoon

When it comes to cartoons, we’re all about the hero. We want our favorite characters to be strong and brave, clever and funny—and most importantly, they have to look good while doing all this amazing stuff. But sometimes, even though we love the heroes of these shows so much, there’s something about the villains that makes them even more fascinating than the leads: their looks! In fact, some of your favorite cartoon villains might not be what you’d expect from a character who causes chaos and destruction in children’s programming. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite nondescript characters from cartoons past:

What’s your favorite nondescript character?

If you have an answer, consider it a win. The world could use more ugly characters who are not heroes or villains—characters who are neither sidekicks nor supporting characters nor main characters. They can be protagonists too! In fact, that’s what we’re aiming for here: to give someone the opportunity to make their mark on pop culture with something as simple as an ugly face and some funny dialogue (and maybe even some slapstick). That way they’ll never be forgotten by history…or at least until someone else comes along and steals their spotlight again (in which case we hope you’re still around).

Oftentimes, we love the characters that are ugly and unlikely to ever be a hero.

There are many reasons why we love ugly characters from cartoons, but there is one in particular that stands out: they’re more relatable.

Ugly characters are often our friends and neighbors—the ones who come home after a long day at work or school, sit down at the table with us for dinner, and start telling us stories about their weekend adventures. They’re also more likely to be supportive of our favorite characters than other people on screen (at least if we have any). Uglies can also be antagonists because they’ve been through things too; they understand what it feels like when someone treats you poorly or ignores your needs because they don’t see color or gender identity as important factors in life decisions like yours! In short: Ugly characters give us hope that maybe someday humans won’t be so cruel towards each other anymore than we already are today…


The best part about these characters is that they all have a backstory. They’re not just one-dimensional or flat — they actually have depth and real emotion behind them. The next time you watch an episode of a cartoon show, take a look at who is playing the character and what their motivations might be for being there. Who knows? You might find your new favorite nondescript character in these classics!