A comprehensive guide on gym flooring.

Gym mats

It is no surprise when dieticians and experts say that exercising is the cornerstone of a sound body and mind. Exercise can help the body to purge toxins through sweat, build muscles, gain mass, and have a strong core. It also reduces cholesterol content in the bloodstream and restores blood pressure to normal levels. Yoga, in conjunction with exercise, can help keep stress and anxiety in check and help the body sleep better.

Whether one is exercising in the gym or at home, buying personal equipment is necessary to get the most out of the workout sessions. But before going for weights and handlebars, one should select a gym mat that can help greatly enhance the quality of the workout.

Gym mats help provide a cushion during heavy lifting, crunches, and lifts. It reduces the risk of injuries and provides comfort and proper balance to the body during workouts. It also protects the underlying floor from heavy handlebars hitting and damaging it.

In this article, we shall discuss how choosing the right gym floor mat can make a difference during workout sessions.

Parameters to consider before buying a gym floor mat

A gym mat has a lot of factors that need consideration before making a purchase. The main factors that can influence the sale of gym floor mats are thickness, size, material, and texture.

Thickness can depend on the type of exercise being performed on them. Yoga or freehand exercises do not require a thick mat. The standard size of gym floor mats is 0.125 inches and can support light workouts.

But if one is planning to do heavier exercises like powerlifting or kettlebell lifting, one might consider buying a thicker mat. A gym mat of 0.5 inches can reduce the strain on the back and chest and give comfort when performing push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches.

If a person wants to carry a gym floor mat to a yoga or fitness facility nearby, then a compact or a smaller one is considered. A compact gym floor mat can also be taken on vacations and rolled up in the back of the car trunk, so they do not miss out on their cardio sessions. But if one decides to work out at home, then a large mat is preferred where various exercises are easy to perform.

Gym mats are made of PVC, which has two variants either rubber or vinyl. PVC mats offer more comfort and a greater degree of shock absorption. PVC mats are easily bendable and can be rolled for easy storage. These mats are easily cleaned and are highly durable. The downside is that they release volatile compounds into the air and make the surroundings smell obnoxious.

The texture of the mats can be of various types, and depending on the traction one needs, one can choose the variant one wants. If someone sweats a lot during a workout session, then a mat with a better grip is needed so that there is no chance of accidents due to falls happening. Good grips mean that the gym mat is not going to be moving on the surface of the floor while changing posture.

Gym mats made of recycled or reclaimed rubber are a great platform to do outdoor exercises on. The recycled rubber mats are made of old tires from trucks or cars, which creates a weather-resistant layer on the surface and makes it ideal for playgrounds.

Why is gym flooring important?

Gym floors go through a lot daily. From weights being dropped to people running and jumping on them, the gym floor succumbs to daily wear and tear eventually. To save the floors from damage, flooring mats are available for gyms.

Floor mats for gyms come in different dimensions, materials, thicknesses, and textures. The most commonly available floor mats are made out of rubber.

The first and foremost thing gym flooring provides is safety. On top of safety, it provides a gym with an aesthetically appealing look and exudes professionalism.

In a gym, it is very easy to slip and cause ligament injury which might take several days to recover from, a floor mat eliminates the risk of slip-related accidents. A good quality floor mat absorbs shocks from the weights falling on the floor repeatedly.

Gym floor mats come in large sheets which can be cut down as per the surface area needed to be covered, they also come in interlocking tiles which can be disassembled after use and takes up a lesser amount of space for storage.

High-quality flooring mats can reduce the odor inside a gym. Since they are not absorbent, bacteria cannot thrive on the surface of the mats. Floor mats are easy to clean and maintain, and don’t require any specialized cleansing agent.

The bottom line

In conclusion, gym mats protect the floors from damage due to weights dropping on them repeatedly. They also absorb the sound of equipment present inside the gym.