A Big Scam Is Going On In The Name Of KBC?


KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is a very popular TV show and people prepare a lot to participate in it. But a big fraud has come to the fore in the name of KBC. Nowadays a message is becoming quite viral on WhatsApp. People being lure to win money through this message and money is being loot by being trapp in this trap. According to the report of BGR.IN, he has received a message which is trapping people in the name of KBC. If you have this message running on WhatsApp, be alert, because it can empty your bank account in seconds. 

Let us know about this forgery in detail. Kaun Banega Crorepati… TV’s most popular show. For the last two decades, the show not only entertained but also helped in increasing the knowledge of the people. In these two decades, many people of the country also got a chance to become millionaires. Even two brothers won the biggest amount of Rs 7 crores in a season. Even though these people have become millionaires, but in reality they do not get this much amount. But why so? Let us know.

According to the report of BGR?

In a message is sent on WhatsApp in the name of KBC. This message is being circulate with the title ‘All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition’. An audio clip has also been give in this message. In which the details of the fake lottery have been give. It has been sai in the audio clip that this message has sent from Mumbai by KBC. It has sai in this message that the user to whom this WhatsApp number has sent has select for the lucky draw. Tax liability also arises on the amount won from Kaun Banega Crorepati. 

This is the reason why even after winning 1 crore, the winner does not get the full 1 crore. Actually, tax has to be on the amount win. The amount win during the show is sent direct to the account, but this amount is deduct and only after that it go to the account of the content. A hefty 30 per cent tax is levied on the winning amount. Jio lottery winner 2023 This rule does not apply only to Rs 1 crore, but if a contestant wins only Rs 10,000, then he also has to pay 30% as TDS.

Lottery of Rs 25 lakh on your number?

It has also been sai in this message. That a lottery of only 5 thousand mobile numbers was drawn by. The company and on these 5 thousand numbers your number means. The one to whom the message has sent. It has told that a lottery of Rs 25 lakh will held on this number. It has been told in the audio message that some details have also been sent to. You along with this message, in which the number of the manager of his company is there. Only WhatsApp calls can be made on the manager’s number, after which he will give you complete information about the further process. This WhatsApp message has come from the number +91- 6354957713. Please tell that this message of WhatsApp is completely fake. No such lucky draw competition is being run by. The KBC team. Even during the telecast of KBC, users are warned from time to time about such forgery. If you have also received any such message, then be alert. Because of this message, your bank account can be empty.

It is very important to keep these things in mind?

1. If any such message has come on your WhatsApp number too, do not reply to it even by mistake.

  • Do not try to contact the unknown number given in the message, nor follow the process given in the message.

3. You should also not share your bank account details on any unknown number.

4. If you have already given your account information, then alert your bank about it.

You can report any such detail on the CyberCrime.gov.in portal.

Suppos a contestant win an amount of Rs 1 crore, then he is given only one crore rupees as prize money. But, they get this money after deducting TDS. According to section 194B of Income Tax, the contestant has to pay 30% tax. Means 30 lakh rupees are deduct for 1 crore winnings. Not only this, apart from tax the KBC Jio lottery Whatsapp Number 2023 amount won, 4% cess also has to be pai. Means total 31.20 percent tax. 4 percent means 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees. Means the contestant who wins one crore has to pay 31 lakh 20 thousand rupees as tax.

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